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David Cook mania!

David Cook (American Idol) went to the school where I teach and is doing his hometown visit today and a concert. The kids are out of control. Thank goodness we are letting out early.

I'm a wimp; I'm not going to fight the crowds to see him. I know it'll be awesome for the kids though.
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Re: David Cook mania!

  • OMG, that's exciting! I wanna go! Lucky kids!
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  • I may be on my own island here, but I am sick of hearing about David Cook - I can't turn anything on today TV, radio, newsalerts, without hearing about David Cook day.

    Last I checked - this was a major metropolis we lived in - all this fuss is making KC look pretty small town.

    Sorry, rant over, I just want my regular radio & newscasts back! Big Smile

  • If'd had tickets and someone to drag with me, I totally would have gone. I love his voice and it's fun to see something like this happen so close to home. (I live in Lee's Summit)
  • mm&mmmm&mm member
    Tenth Anniversary Combo Breaker

    It cracked me up watching the news this morning and they had the helicoptors tracking his limo to the news station.

    BMF, did all the kids get to go since it was their school or did they have to try and get the tickets? I bet it was crazy down there!

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  • Rubyshoes, I'm totally with you. ?I just dont get it. ?Unfortunately my husband is an AI watcher so I actually know who David Cook is but other then that I could totally care less who this guy is, where he's from and what he's doing. ?


    And can I just say he needs a new hair style to cover up that ginormous forehead he's got. ?The one he's working with the scruffy beard is just NOT cutting it. ?Don't they have stylists on the show? ?He needs some serious help. ??

  • OMG!  Wow!  How exciting!

    Congrats David Cook!  Congrats Kansas City!!!

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