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Sink ?

DH and I just bought a new house.  It has a white basin sink in the kitchen and it's gross (stained brown).  We've tried cleaning it a couple times most recently with bleach.  It came slightly cleaner but is still gross. The countertops are corian and the sink is one piece with the counter.  Advice on what to use? TIA

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Re: Sink ?

  • If it is ceramic or a porous type enamel  try filling it with water and dumping a whole box of denture cleaner/whitener. leave it over night or a whole day while at work or something and then polish it with baking soda.
  • I've made a paste with oxyclean and let it sit for a while, then scrubbed and it really worked well. Your idea sounds fantastic though and I will have to try this in addition to my regular method.
  • White vinegar and let it sit there for a while. If not you can always try bar keepers friend which I swear to god cleans everything, or magic eraser.
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  • I've also let bleach water sit in a stained white sink overnight, and it's worked miracles :)  You need less elbow grease if you let it sit; it really soaks in and does the work for you.  Also, I use a heavy amount of bleach to water;maybe about 3/4 C. 



  • My method is to line the bottom of my sinks with a paper towel and slightly dampen them with water.  I pour bleach over the paper towel and let it sit for a minimum of 30 minutes.  It works great keep the bleach from draining away.  After discarding the paper towels, I rinse the sink with soap and water, and they look fresh and bright.
  • image Nest Cayla:
    I need help with this too... I have no clue what my sink is made out of, looks like a stone of some sort (very rustic looking) and the sink smells. I seriously gag while standing by the sink! there's no garbage disposal so I clean out the strainer thing that keeps food from clogging the pipe and that doesn't even help. I can't stand by the sink for more than 20 seconds because that's how long I hold my breath.. *barf* How do I get rid of that smell with that sort of sink?

     We had a sink do that, we would just buy giant jugs of white vinegar and before bed pour about 2 cups down the drain and just let it sit over night.  W would needs to do this a couple of times in a row every couple of months. It's not a permanent fix, but temporarily is very effective.

  • Is it more plasticy or more like a stone/ceramic? If its ceramic or stone the above tricks of letting bleach sit overnight , however if its plastic and you let it sit you will rprobably get a water line demarcation


    we had one that was like a plastic resin and was extremely stained. The thing that worked two steps.  First I made a paste of baking soda and vinegar and rubbed It in vigorously scrubbing especially hard around the drain, and let it sit for a half hour or so.  Then I rinsed that down the drain and made a large jug of dilute bleach (maybe a 1/4 cup per gallon) and slowly/carefully poured it over the sink basin trying to reach all areas... The bleach step was like "wow!"....  It totally cleaned up the sink, especially the really stained areas around the drain.  Then I rinsed it.  Huge difference.  


    What I noticed though is that every time we cook and pour hot water down the sink ths stains gradually start to show up again.   So my advice is to be careful about pouring anything too hot down the  sink.

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