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For those of you who supplement, what brand do you use?  We were given Similac Advance in the hospital and that's usually what I buy.  Our pedi gave us samples of Enfamil Infant and we've tried that.  DS seems to not care what is in his bottles thankfully.  I also saw someone mention Earth's Best.  Since he is getting mostly formula, I just want to give him what is best.  He sees the pedi next week so if we decide to switch, I can bring it up then.

Thank you all also for your kind words with my bfing dilemma.  I never looked at it in comparison to a failed birth plan.  Now that I am back to work, I am going to try to pump again regularly in the hope of relactating somewhat so he at least gets some breast milk.  I actually have more time to do it here!  I've been reading up on this some, and it boggles my mind the things women will do to achieve this and at the suggestion of LC's! (like getting prescriptions from foreign countries).  I am not that crazy.  I also wish  I would have found a breastfeeding support group weeks ago. 

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Re: Formula

  • We used Gerber Good Start Gentle. We were able to get the large tubs from BJs which was more cost effective than target or BRU. The only thing that sucked is that we NEVER got coupons for them.

  • Thanks!  I buy the Similac at BJs- a bigger tub and I usually have a coupon.  Although intersetingly, I've noticed the coupons (and free samples) starting to dwindle.  I've seen posts on the Bump where people have enough samples to last the babies whole first year.  

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  • My pedi stressed to me over and over that if we ever needed formula to hit them up for samples because they get so many. Make sure you ask!

  • We did Enfamil for a long time because she was on preemie formula and their preemie formula sat better in her stomach than Similac.  After she finally got off the preemie formula, we moved to Target's Up and Up brand.  It's so much cheaper and honestly, if anything, she digested it as good or better than the name brands.  
  • I don't have any formula recs since DD is still BF...but I did just buy some single serve packets of Similac Advanced because my pumping output is starting to take a nose-dive and I figured they would be safe to have in a pinch if we need a sitter.  I'm for the summer but DD will be in daycare 1x/week (and with sitter) so I may end up using the packets for 1 bottle a week after my measily freezer stash goes bye-bye.  I only bought those because I had a check.

    Just a suggestion if you want to help boost your supply - I had great luck with More Milk Plus liquid extract capsules by Motherlove.  I have another order on the way. 

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  • We supplement with Enfamil Infant.   I dont know your backstory (I havent been on here in forever, sorry!) but I also had a lot of issues initially (failure to thrive due to lack of supply, etc) and struggled with this big time - so you're not alone!  There really needs to be more support for BFing than there currently is at hospitals/after being sent home.
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