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Questions about house cleaning service

So Martin's friends have very generously gifted us a cleaning service to come clean the house for us 3 times as a baby gift.

I have never used a service before and just had a few questions for those who have used a service:

What do you usually tip? For the first visit, there will be 2 people coming, then for the next visits there will only be /one person.

I have them coming on Monday, 8/26 and am due September 6-Do you think this is a good time to have the initial cleaning done? They will come 2 more times every four weeks.

If you have pets do you let them roam free while they clean? I think the boys would go hide but Bella is noisy and annoying and would probably be all up in their business...perhaps I can have her stay in the office with DH (I will not have them clean the office because DH works from home).

Any other suggestions? Do you have a room you like them to focus on?

Our house has 2 bathrooms, 3 bedrooms (master, nursery, guest room) living room, TV room, kitchen, office (they won't be cleaning in there).


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Re: Questions about house cleaning service

  • Maybe Im a terrible person but I actually dont tip them. Granted we have a reoccurring bi-weekly cleaning service so its not like a one time deal. In your situation Id wait until the last appointment and then give them a tip, or a gift card or other gift of sorts as a thank you. I have no idea if thats proper etiquette though! 

    When we had cats we let them roam but they generally stayed out of the way and would dart into a room that was not being cleaned at that moment and move to another room when the cleaners came in.  In your case, keeping the cat in the office sounds like a good plan.

    Suggestions--Id ask that they use eco-friendly products, especially considering the presence of a newborn, but Im crazy for natural products like that. Id also ask exactly what they do, as different services provide varying levels of detailed cleaning. Id ask that they pay special attention to getting the cat hair off of/under furniture or on baseboards or corners if they are willing. Let them know if you dont want them to touch your TV, electronics, or anything else thats off limits (DH is militant about NO ONE, not even me, touching the TV or computer equipment). 


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  • What a great gift! When we had our monthly service I never tipped. Are you able to wait and schedule later? I would do as close to your delivery date as possible so it is fresh and clean when you and baby come home and it will be one less worry for you.
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  • Thanks guys!

     The first thing I did was check to see what kind of products they use! We definitely try to keep with the eco friendly products because of the cats (and now obviously the baby).

    I am still trying to figure out if I should have them come closer to the due date, I may change the date as it gets closer but I am going to see how I feel by then! 

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