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Is it normal....

Ok so i have been having sex with my fiance for about 9 months now. We have tried all sorts of different things from toys to positions, but I can never complete an orgasm. I can feel it start, but once I get close to that point, I lose it. The guy I was with prior to him could get me off with hardly any effort, but with my fiance I have to be on top every time to even feel him... Maybe it has something to do with the fact that my ex was bigger.. I'm not so sure. I just can never get off and when I don't it makes my fiance feel guilty because it's super easy for him to get off... I just don't know what to do anymore....

Re: Is it normal....

  • Do you masturbate and can you achieve orgasm that way?
  • I have a rabbit and I can with it.... but that's also pretty new. I bought it because I was having problems....
  • If the rabbit is working for you, maybe get a smaller vibe for him to use on your clit while you're having sex. Or try different positions. I've heard doggy-style tends to make smaller penises feel larger because of the angles involved.

    ETA: And Google kegel exercises and try them. Having more control over your inner muscles can help with g-spot orgasms.

  • I agree with PPs suggestion to use a toy during sex.  How do you feel about him wearing a vibrating c*ck ring?  It will stimulate the clitoris and should make him harder which also might help.
  • Honestly, keep masturbating is my advice. I was never able to orgasm during sex before I started regularly masturbating. Now I do almost every time. I think it is more about knowing your own body and what feels good to you than anything else. Once you know that, you can show him.

     Does he get you off in other ways? Oral, manual, etc.?

  • Could possibly be a size thing, but if you love him- it's all work out. I suggest a *** ring, makes the old man bigger :) lots of luck!!
  • Thank you everyone for your advice. I have started to masturbate with my rabbit before he gets home from work and that seems to help.  We just have to work out a schedule now because I watch his 4 year old daughter everyday and it gets a bit frustrating sometimes.
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