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I'm grateful for my sweetie!!!

I made the crazy impulsive decision to accept a role in a musical, while I'm working a new job (promotion) and we're getting married in 9 days. Yes, this is nuts, but I'm nuts and he loves me for my nuts. I came home last night and walked in the kitchen and it was sparkling. I'd been out at rehearsal and he'd cleaned it. And done laundry, etc etc etc. This isn't the first time in the last 6 weeks, it's become his norm. 

I'm usually the work myself to death type and takes initiative on chores/planning/house/etc. Being too busy to do that lately has left me feeling like it just won't happen because he's not as 'responsible' or something. He is proving me wrong over and over and I'm ashamed at how mean I've been to him in the past for not being as much a work-a-holic as me. I feel so lucky, and happy, and appreciative. I wanted to tell the NestWorld. MUAHAHAHA. (OMG 9 days!)

Re: I'm grateful for my sweetie!!!

  • haha! He loves you for your nuts!

    Speaking as a cartoon artist, pop artist and sometime musical theatre actress, I say dem nuts are pretty dern good.:)

    We all need an outlet...and you've got a pretty good one.  Sounds like a nice guy, too.

    Break a leg. What show are you in?
  • It seems you have quite a wonderful guy :) You also seem like a hard working women, and its ladies like you that i look up to. Break a leg with the play! my MIL is in a musical this weekend! pretty excited
  • The Full Monty! The women dance burlesque. The guys in G strings. It's so over the top. I'm cast as the 'trashy girlfriend' of the lead character. It's definitely not type casting but I have a wild side that is enjoying the role A LOT.

    I feel like I won the sweetheart lottery. I guess that's how you're supposed to feel the week of your wedding. But I think I have enough life experience (read divorced) to know we have a pretty good shot at feeling this way forever. 

  • You definitely have a lot on your plate right now, thank goodness for the help you are getting! Good luck with your musical role! How fun!
    Beaded Jewelry & Hair Accessories:
  • So nice to get a happy post.

    Break a leg! Big Smile

  • Sounds like you've got quite a guy.  Be nice! lol Good luck with your play! That is exciting Smile
    MrS. tHeRiOt
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