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in laws are split

So my husband and I have been planning to start trying this summer.  We've kept this a secret from our families.  My mom, however, has already started to buy clothes for a future grandchild.  His father has attempted to win auctions for baby strollers.  But his mother....a few weekends ago she told us we should not have anymore puppies (we have three dogs so we were very confused by what she meant) we finally got it out of her that she meant we should not have children. She tends to call our dogs kitties, so we never really know what species she is talking about.  She is often drunk so this could be part of the confusion.  However, she has openly told her two sons that she did not want children, so I'm wondering if she's trying to live the life she wanted through me.  And I can get that, but having a baby is something I'm so excited about and it was kind of disheartening to hear MIL say I shouldn't have a baby. 
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Re: in laws are split

  • Maybe she'll come around once/if you are actually pregnant. But maybe not. Sucks, but you have to live your life to make YOU happy, not your MIL. 
  • Considering that you're having kids because you and YH want them, what your ILs want isn't relevant.


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  • Someone with a drinking problem should not be caring for your future child(ren).  Please acknowledge your own wording and accept this.

    To add to that, an alcoholic typically has a personality disorder that makes them say and do things that a

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  • Honestly, who gives a crap what your MIL wants?  I'm sure my MIL wants me to have 20 kids and we can BOTH stay at home together to raise them.  And she can suck it.

    Snark aside... do her feelings really matter?  Is her opinion on t

  • If she's "often drunk", I wouldn't worry about her opinion.  

    I didn't want kids either, but had my son unplanned, and then a daughter. Doesn't mean she doesn't love them with all her heart...but maybe she struggled or something and doesn't

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