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Fibroid Diagnosis (LONG)

Yesterday I had pain when took a deep breath. I called the dr and she told me it was just growing pains and not to be worried. This morning the pain came back. 

After my pain got much worse this morning I ended up going into OB Triage. It is a good thing I did. It turns out the mound we've been seeing for about a month now is actually a fibroid I was diagnosed with at my first ultrasound. They told me before our baby girl was in my uterus all my blood flow was going to my fibroid. Once the baby was concieved the blood flow started going to the baby instead. The loss of blood flow is slowly killing off the fibroid causing extreme pain.

It took so much to get this diagnosis. The Doctor on call first told the nurse over the phone to just give me tylenol and send me home (I spoke to the same doctor on the phone yesterday and she told me it was just growing pains). At this point I had already taken tylenol and it didn't help. The pain had gotten much worse. DH had to tell the nurse if the doctor didn't come in to see us we would go to another hospital and another doctor. Finally, she agreed to come in. While she was on her way the nurse had to prop the bed up so I could take a muscle relaxant. I screamed in pain.

When the Doctor saw me I was laying down. She saw the mound sticking out of my belly and said it was a fibroid (they found it in my first ultrasound in November and then at my second in February). She told me it was about the size of a golfball. Abigail has been pushing on it from the inside and making it move around. The doctor went from telling me to take 2 tylenol to giving me a shot of morphine, something called tortacol, and a prescription for perkaset. They never did an ultrasound on me, even though we asked multiple times. I'll be out of work tomorrow and maybe even Tues.

I learned today that you have to push and be an advocate for yourself and your child. I thought DH was being harsh with the nurse and doctor, but if he wasn't we wouldn't have gotten the results. I would've been sent home in extreme pain with tylenol.

PS Abigail is fine and extremely active. I was not having any contractions and my cervix was up high and completly shut. So no signs of her being premature.

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Re: Fibroid Diagnosis (LONG)

  • I too have a fibroid. It was there before I got pregnant but it was only 2cm, now it is 10cms. It has grown due to the hormones. Because of it's size and location I'm most likely going to need a c-section. Where is yours located? Mine is down real low, ne

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  • I am not sure where it is located or how big it is. I am going to see a different doctor for a followup tomorrow and am hoping to get an ultrasound so we can know exactly what is going on. It may shrink, I'm hoping. I didn't sleep again last night because

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  • I am sorry about that. I hope that it all turns out with everyone healthy!
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  • I agree! I hope everyone turns out healthy ! Sending good thoughts your way

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  • Was it toradol? That they gave you? If so that works better then the Percocet.
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  • Ouch! Hopefully it goes away or at least the pain does.  I'm glad you DH was so pushy.  I've heard many stories on my mom board about having to be pushy when it came to their doctors.  I got lucky with mine but it's always something to keep
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  • Good for you and your DH for standing up to the doctor! I hope the pain goes away!
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