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We are idiots!

My husband and I have season tickets to the Music Hall and just now realized that our showing of Wicked was TONIGHT. I could have sworn it was next Wednesday.

Brian is going to call in the morning to see if it's possible to swap out the tickets, but I'm sure it's too late since our show has come and gone.

I could cry right now!


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Re: We are idiots!

  • Aww that really sucks the big one! ?I hate when I do things like that. ?We saw Wicked in London and loved it (not that knowing that helps you any but I'm just sayin)
  • Aw, man! That sucks hardcore! I would love to see WICKED...I hope that they were able to swap your tickets for you!!
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  • That's awful! I would cry, too. We tried to get tickets to that, but they were sold out big time.
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  • Oh my goodness, that sucks!  I hope they let you switch the tickets.

  • Nope-no luck on swapping tickets. I kind of figured that though...
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  • Jen748Jen748 member
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    image bmf8140:
    Nope-no luck on swapping tickets. I kind of figured that though...
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  • You could always try to show up night of a showing, and see if you can get in standby. In our row last night there were 5 seats that ended up being empty, and I know that it was sold out. Maybe you can try getting someone's seat after they don't show?
  • Beth - I just read this and am so sorry that it happened.  I know you have a lot on your mind.   This stinks!!!
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