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BMI Nightmare

I recently tried the BMI Calculator on this website along with some others...and according to it's calculations...I'm OBESE. I'm 5' 4" and weight 180...however, I work out regularly and have for the last 3 years. I have pretty muscly legs and am aware that the amount of muscle I do have goes into part of the weight. But it's ridiculously frustrating to see that according to the BMI I'm obese. It makes me lose motivation even though I know that part of my weight is the amount of muscle I have. My boyfriend tries to help me out and reminds me that it's not a very accurate scale but I just can't get past the fact that according to this scale I'm way over weight. 

 Any suggestions on a more accurate way to measure my own personal BMI? 

Re: BMI Nightmare

  • Stop worrying about BMI. Start focusing on your diet and exercise. I am your height and my optimum weight is around 150. It leaves me overweight on the BMI chart, but I eat healthy and exercise 5x a week. Being healthy isn't about a number from an arbitra
  • According to studies, people who are "overweight" according to BMI and physically active are healthier than people who are at a "healthy" BMI who are inactive.

    I'm your height and weight less than you do but I'm very inactive.  You're techni

  • I started trying to lose weight in January.  I am also your height and started at 178.  This was considered obese.  I am currently at 163.  My goal is to stay between 150-155.  I like how I look at that weight and it is easy for m
  • Don't put too much stock in BMI.  I am a dietitian, and way too many of my patients are hung up on this number.  BMI was determined using population (and not even a great representation) data, it cannot determine whether an individual is "health
  • While your BMI is important, it can be inaccurate with "muscly" people like you said. How is your body fat %? Have you ever had that measured? Maybe you can go off that? Normal is between 18-25 I think. I think it really depends on your frame though. I am
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