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Wedding do-over

How would you react to members of the family who feel like you should have a do-over wedding at somewhere nice (a church followed by a hall reception instead of a civil ceremony at a farm like the one we had)?

I've thought of ways I could have made the day better, but my husband and I are pretty happy with how the wedding went, minus the part where we got affected by the hurricane. We were also planning the wedding long distance so that we could have it where we grew up as opposed to where we were living. So I don't feel really sorry that I had my wedding on a farm. Sorry you don't like animals and that our religious beliefs were in flux so we didn't get married in a church and that a big hurricane happened that made our caterer cancel thus making the food go from great to ok and that lots of people had to cancel. Sorry that neither our best man nor MOH made a speech, and I wasn't going to force them... 

Since then we have found a church that we think we really like, but I've stated that if and when we decide to renew vows/get married in a church there's pretty much no way we're doing a reception all over again. I mean come on... I'd be okay with celebrating at a restaurant afterwards but what the heck is the point of having a wedding celebration all over again with the first dance and the cake cutting and the whole 9 yards. Sure, maybe I would have liked a wedding a teeny bit fancier with a bigger budget but really, a wedding reception is just a glorified party. Our friends said they loved it because it was boring, while the older people thought it was too untraditional and not formal enough.

The funny thing is that I got a lot of my inspiration from Offbeat Bride, but I feel like my wedding was Offbeat Lite. Just wish someone in our family could have a true offbeat wedding so I could enjoy it without being judged :P

Re: Wedding do-over

  • Well, I mean I guess I can see doing a do over if the hurricane really made it miserable, but that doesn't seem to be the case.

    I wouldn't listen to your family members, they are just being dumb.  Who has a do over because things didn't go e

  • Yeah, and even if I was able to have the wedding exactly as I planned it, I have my own preferences and style that if I were to do it over again, I still wouldn't be able to please everyone.

    My husband and I are in our early 20's and I guess th

  • I would not do my wedding over. We got married during the hurricane last year and it sucked because people were stuck afterwards, but we had a nice time. 
  • Don't have a do-over for OTHER people.  If you were happy w/ your wedding, then that's all that matters.
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  • I have never known of a wedding that went off like some kind of perfect NFL football play.:(

    I've seen falling wedding cakes, names of the B&G misread by the priest (just like 4 Weddings and a Funeral) guests that left the reception beca
  • If they want another wedding, let them plan and pay :)
  • I would say "Thanks, but we're already married."  Then change the subject.  There is no reason to have a second wedding.  You already got married.  It's done.  Why the hell would you do it again?
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  • Where do you draw the line?  Do over your graduation ceremony because it rained?  Do over your child's birth because it didn't go as planned?  I think having a do-over wedding is just as silly as those examples listed above.

    The po

  • I agree. My husband and I (went to the same college) actually weren't allowed to walk at our graduation ceremony because of paperwork reasons. There was an option for us to walk during the Fall semester ceremony but we had moved by then and it seemed stup
  • The point of a wedding is the marriage.  If you want to have a renewal of vows, then so be it, but don't call it a wedding.  I would also mention to your guests that gifts are not expected, because it screams gift grab to have a "do-over" wed

  • image Kimbus22:
    I would say "Thanks, but we're already married."  Then change the subject.  There is no reason to have a secon
  • image tmsb827:

    Yeah, and even if I was able to have the wedding exactly as I planned it, I have my own preferences and style that if I w

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