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Gift idea for older relative who lives far away?

My mom's older sister is turning 70 next week, and my brother and I are looking for gift to send her. We could use a few ideas. I know you're all going to ask, "well, what does she like?" The truth is, I don't know. My aunt and I aren't super close, and we haven't had a face-to-face visit in several years (she lives several states away). Still, I think it would be nice to do something more than a phone call or a card to acknowledg her birthday. She's been going through a rough time; her husband passed away just about a year ago, and she recently had painful back surgery.

the thing is, I know my mom could give me a few suggestions, but I really don't want to ask her. She has a tendency to get over involved. I'd like her to butt out of my dealings with relatives, and I'm afraid if I ask her to help, I'll be sending mixed messages.

so, yeah, I need some ideas. I thought I'd come up with the perfect thing: an Edible Arrangement bouquet-but it turns out there's no store in my Aunt's area that would deliver to her. My brother suggested a picture frame or an album, but I don't think either of those is enough. I don't even have a picture of us I could include, and anyway, those things would cost a lot just to mail. A gift card to somewhere would be good...but I'm not sure to where.


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Re: Gift idea for older relative who lives far away?

  • You're very thoughtful!  

    Older people tend to not spend money on themselves the way younger people do. They rarely eat out. If you look online and find a nicer family style restaurant in her area (ie Olive Garden is popular with "old

  • imageSue-n-Kevin:

    You're very thoughtful!  

    Older people tend to not spend money on themselves the way younger people

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  • This is tough. Does she like to read? If so, what about a Kindle? I know it is great for a lot of older readers because they can adjust the font size. Both my parents love theirs and they are a few years older than your aunt.

    Thinking about the f

  • If cost isn't a huge issue and she likes coffee and or tea, I might buy her a Keurig.

    FIL and MIL just bought one for FIL's mother for Christmas, (she is in her 80's and would never have gotten one herself). She LOVES it.

    It's practical too

  • I always go with flowers for older relatives.  They get very excited about flowers.
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  • There has to be a fancy restaurant in her area that she likes...or would like to eat at.

    Why not make an arrangement with them? You can give her "A Night Out at Restaurant 54" (or whatever it's called) as a gift.:)

    If they have gift cards, g
  • imageKimbus22:
    I always go with flowers for older relatives.  They get very excited about flowers.


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  • Every "older" relative I have loathes flowers.  They are for funerals.

    Why not look at some actual helpful gifts:

    1) A spring cleaning

    2) A spring garden/lawn service

  • Does she live in her own home?  Or in a retirement community?

    If she lives alone, I might suggest finding a good handyman service (perhaps through Angie's list) and buy her two hours of a handyman's time.  I imagine there are a few thin

  • My aunt just turned 70 and she was so happy because her brother gave her flowers and my cousin sent her a box of chocolates. I got her a nice candle, chocolate, and lunch. Visa gift cards are always nice too.

  • I'd go with food.  If Edible Arrangements doesn't work, google for some other gift basket companies.  Harry & David, Wine Country Gift Baskets, etc.

    Or just order treats from somewhere and have it shipped to her- World Market, or ev

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