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Long Distance Relationships and the Military

Hi Everyone, 

I'm just wondering if anyone has experience or advice for long-distance military relationships. My husband and I have been married for about two years.  Just before our wedding, he was PCSed to a different duty station (5 time zones away). I couldn't move with him because I have a scholarship to finish my graduate degree.  If I left with him, I'd have to repay the entire amount (not an option, plus I've been working towards this degree for nearly ten years). Unsurprisingly, we are struggling with the distance. We see each other every three months for about ten days.  But he refuses to skype with me or even talk regularly on the phone during out time apart. I'm really unhappy and want to feel some sort of connection with him. When we are together it usually takes us a day or two to deal readjust to each other. I've asked him to go to see a marriage counselor with me, but he refuses to go. He says that we'll be fine when we live together again (that's another 1.5 years out and I'm skeptical).  I'm planning on going alone to see a marriage counselor this week. However, I'm not sure what else I can do or how to get him to understand the severity of the situation. I'd really appreciate your stories or any advise you can share with me.  Thanks, ladies (and men). 

Re: Long Distance Relationships and the Military

  • Have you talked to him about why he doesn't want to Skype or talk? Maybe if you express what you just said here he might try it occasionally. It might be that seeing and talking to you makes him miss you more. Communication and trust is the best way to ke
  • Oh man If I didnt have Skype then my marriage would fail. Talk to him about it, You need to communicate.
  • image meggyme:
    Have you talked to him about why he doesn't want to Skype or talk? Maybe if you express what you just said here he might
  • You can survive 2 years being married apart. We did. We were at two different duty stations when we got married and spent the first 22 months maied apart - which included simultaneous 12-15 month deployments. Luckily, our deployment locations were clos

  • Thank you everyone.  I really appreciated the support and replies.  My guy doesn't like holding the phone either.  I did get him a bluetooth for Christmas, now it's just a challenge to get him to charge it...I think we just struggle beca

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