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My Weight Loss Story

Hey everyone,

I got married last fall but I have decided to come on here again to tell you about the weight loss experience I had. I, like most brides, was on a strict diet and work out regime trying to look my best for the big day. I saw a nutritionist, I had a trainer at the gym and I used myfitnesspal to track all of my calories every day. After doing this for a little under 1 year I had lost 3 lbs! I was beyond frustrated and beginning to think I was just going to be the size I was for the wedding. I cried the day I went dress shopping because I had wanted to be in better shape before trying on dresses, then I postponed my dress alterations until two months before the wedding because I was still hopeful to lose weight. Well finally after all of that, three months before my wedding my aunt called me and asked ?have you ever tried body wraps?? Of course I said no, because I thought she was talking about the full body wraps that make you look like a mummy and are really expensive at the salons. She then proceeded to tell me how she had been using It Works Body Wraps to try to get rid of all the extra skin she had from her gastric bypass. Since I was having such a hard time losing weight, I said, ?bring it on I will try anything at this point.? Well fast forward to three months later?the day of my wedding?my dress was too big on me! Thank god my boobs were big enough still to hold up the dress because at the waist I could grab a whole handful of fabric. (Not that I am complaining). At that time I had lost 9 lbs and 4 inches off my waist. Today I am down a total of 17 lbs and 11 inches off my waist! If any of you are trying to knock off some lbs before your big day, I REALLY hope you take my story seriously and get a hold of me because this stuff really works and after what I went through I would be really honored to be able to help others that struggle with weight loss.


Bryn Snow, [email protected] 

Re: My Weight Loss Story

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