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The Dentist

I went to a new dentists office today. It was nice and the people were friendly. My teeth need a little more work but that's what I get for putting it off. 

Here is the catch. The dentist invited me to a networking group. I thought it sounded interesting so I gave him my card and asked him to email me the details. He emailed me about a hour later. In the body of the email it was normal but the last line said...

" I think you would do really well in the group, but obviously there are no guarantees in life :(."

I don't know what to say because I'm confused by the sad face? What do you guys think? Was it supposed to be happy? 

Re: The Dentist

  • Is all you are wasting is time? I would go.  It could still be a typo.  Or some people use smilies to flirty. I am you are pretty. ;)  <---- see what I did now?

     I would just ignore it. Maybe he was having a bad day? or bus

  • I am going to go and I replied with in a very clever way and finished the quote for him. I think that will help take the weirdness of the frowny face out. I do think it could have been kind of flirty. I should have asked his assistant if he always that ni
  • image aleigha85:
    I  My co worker said to respond with "yes I'll go :( "



  • Yeah. I have no idea. But I like the reply.
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  • Haha I was to afraid to use that reply. It's funny but rude. I ended up saying "I know there are no guarantees in life, but it honestly depends on ones interpretation." I also through in a quote.
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