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New to running- shoe help??

Hi! I'm new to running (read: haven't run half a block in years) and would like run as part of my cardio program. I'm wondering if any one has a suggestion for good pair of moderately priced running shoes? I do have minor problems with my knees during high-impact activities, minor pain, and so I'd like a shoe with a bit of cushion or that are good at absorbing impact to lessen the jolt through my legs. Any suggestions would be great!

Re: New to running- shoe help??

  • The best thing to do is to go to your local running store (not a chain like d!cks) to have them fit you for shoes. They will look at your gait while you walk and run and also look at the wear on your current shoes. There are lots of different shoes out there for different types of runners. What's good for me, may not be right for you. These people can help you. You don't to be running in a shoe with the wrong support for yourself, it will potentially cause injuries. 
  • Ditto what doglove said. Go get fitted at a local running store. Especially if you have issues right now.

    I'd recommend my sneakers but they might not be good for you. KWIM? Fitting is really specific to your feet.

    2011 Races
    3/12 5 mi -- 49:22 Pace: 9:52
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    5/22 10k -- 56:29 Pace: 9:00
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    7/10 15k -- 1:44:46 injured Pace: 11:14
    10/29 5k -- 28:24 Pace: 9:04
  • Get fitted.  It's free if you buy shoes. 

    I'm just starting out running.  After my fitting my runs were SO much better.  I have no idea why I waited so long to do that!  

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  • Ditto PP- get fitted at a running store. They factor in how your feet contact the ground, what kind of surface you'll be running on (trail vs. concrete vs. treadmill) and pick a shoe with cushion that'll be best for you. 

    I trained for a half marathon (probably ran 100+ miles) with sneakers I bought at Big 5 and thought were pretty good. Knee pain would come and go, but I figured that was normal due to the amount I was running. Then I got fitted and my knees feel so much better. No pain! It's well worth the time and money. 

    If you're looking for a specific brand, both my hubby and I wear Brooks. I know other runners who swear by them as well. But again, be sure to get fitted. :)  

  • I agree -- consult with a pro shop.  I've been a gymnast for 18+ i've been used to being barefoot a lot.  i had a lot of problems with running track sprints/hurdles in highschool (stress fractures in my feet) and I thought it was from overtraining and too much pounding.

     long story short --- i realized now (years later) that my feet HAAAATTTTEEE the typical cushioned running shoe.  I don't run often at all (2 miles at most at a time!), and I picked up a pair of Merrell Pace Glove barefoot style shoes. they. are. incredible.  barefoot style is supposed to allow your body to absorb impact and react naturally to running (something we were born to do!).  in my case -- the padded sneakers were hindering my body's natural movement and causing pain in all sorts of odd places.

    i've had to re-learn how to run on my toes in the barefoot shoes rather than a typical heel-strike pattern, but wow -- aside from typical muscle building pain anywhere!


    so, definitely talk with some pros. explore both sides -- the over-cushioned shoe, as well as barefoot style. see what works best for you.

  • I saw some of those bare feet shoes on sale the other day. Now I think I might have to go try them on.
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