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Dear Community,

Our tech team has launched updates to The Nest today. As a result of these updates, members of the Nest Community will need to change their password in order to continue participating in the community. In addition, The Nest community member's avatars will be replaced with generic default avatars. If you wish to revert to your original avatar, you will need to re-upload it via The Nest.

If you have questions about this, please email [email protected]

Thank you.

Note: This only affects The Nest's community members and will not affect members on The Bump or The Knot.

Delete Account...

I am thinking about deleting my current profile and creating a new one. One that isn't a dead giveaway for who I am, just in case anyone from work would see one of my posts. How would I do this?? I'll still be posting, just under a new name.

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Re: Delete Account...

  • Can you just change your user name?
  • I don't think you can change your name.  I tried that.  Is there a reason you want to change accounts?

  • Personally, I think you're too worried about nothing.  There's a ton of people out there with your name, even your city.

    You'd probably have to write to the nest gods in order to get it changed/deleted though.

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    I don't think you can change your name.  I tried that.  Is there a reason you want to change accounts?

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  • I felt this same way, but of other people finding it, and did the same thing. I just created a new account with another email address. I still have the old account, and could use it anytime, I just don't. My old u/n was my old college email, so there are
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  • The way I see it for myself is I don't say anything online that I wouldn't say in person.

    Honestly though, I don't think people at work are going to take the time to look you up on the internet, I think you're pretty good to go with your curre

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