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low impact home exerise?

I used to do 30 day shred, have tried Jazzercise, Zumba, pilates and yoga.  The shred is too intense for me - I had back surgery a few years ago, and although I feel strong, my lower back is still a weak point.  Jazzercise tends to have too much jumping up and down.... 

I think I can keep up with yoga and some pilates moves, but a full pilates workout is too much.  I like yoga for strength and flexibility, but I want to do some cardio too (I tried hot yoga for that and got really sick/dehydrated despite drinking four bottles of water during the workout and a few earlier during the day)

I did C25K last summer and got up to week 5 or 6 before my back rebelled.

Last year I joined a gym and swam three times a week.  That was awesome, but my schedule is different this year and it's hard for me to get there. 

Can you recommend some exercises or work-out routines that I could do at home that would be easy on my back but still burn some calories?

Re: low impact home exerise?

  • Hi there! 

    I know it's frustrating to work around a disability. I have issues with my iliopsoas which seems to like to set me back.

    Have you spoken with your health care professional about what would be the safest route to take? That would absolutely be my suggestion. TO keep your back from being a weak point, you will have to build up it's muscle (and your abdominal muscles), but we can't safely tell you how to do that. 

    I will say, though, that things like cycling could be easier on your back. Have you tried spin classes?

    You could also try doing three different gym machines for a total cardio amount of time to keep your back from being stuck in the same place too long (ex: 10minutes rowing machine, jump to the elliptical for 10 and then the stairmaster for 10. They all work your back a little differently so it doesn't get stuck in the same motion for too long but you're getting in a full 20 minutes of cardio)  

  • When I first started my exercising I could only use Leslie Sansone walking videos they were hard for me at 350lbs. I lost my first 75lbs using her videos. At 188lbs I still find her videos challenging and provide a great sweaty workout.

    I have some of her videos for sale if you are interested make me an offer if your interested, [email protected]


  • i use the nikefitnessclub app for my iphone.  seriously LOVE this thing. haha  it has shorter 15 minute workouts, or longer 30 minute ones, and most don't involve any equipment (jump ropes, hand weights, medicine ball)

    it's easy to skip one of the activities and just march in place or stretch during the time for that its more customizeable and a good at-home solution!

     if you don't have an iphone and cant find the app, try looking them up on youtube (and other youtube videos are good too!)


  far as a weak lower back. work on toning your core all around (abs, obliques and back/butt).  your stomach and back work together.  sometimes pain in one area really means a weak point or not enough support in another. strengthening the whole area might help support your lower back and cause less pain.

  • Thanks all!  I'll look into these :)
  • Have you tried Rebounding (i.e. jumping on a small trampoline)? Here's a linkthat talks about it and how it can help people with low back pain:

    I rebound almost every day for the health benefits (immune booster, cell strengthener, cardio/calorie burn, energy lifter, helps with depression). Super easy and fun and effective. 

  • In now days and in current running generation routine life there are several humans that those have a big problem of weight loss as well as there are so many ways to loss weight, I have written below four basic tips for quick weight loss :-
    1. Daily yoga in early morning
    2. Regularly hard exercise
    3. Do swimming practice
    4. Play scatting practice

    Trim thin SR

  • I've been wanting to try her videos.  It's inspiring to hear that you had so much success with them.  Off to Amazon to seek them out!
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