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Recovering from tubal ligation - input please

Hi All -- I had my "tubes tied" on Friday and am recovering, but wondered if anyone else can comment on how long it will take to feel 100%. I'm still pretty swollen in my belly area (I look pregnant!) and it's pretty sore overall in that area. I'm taking the Rx for pain at night, but don't want to take it more than I really need, so during the day I'm sticking with Alleve. 

The bruising I expected, but the pain and swelling is a surprise (especially the swelling). I thought it would be much better by today (Tuesday.)

Any personal input would be appreciated. I don't think I need to call my doctor - I have a follow-up with her next week.

Thanks so much.

Re: Recovering from tubal ligation - input please

  • I don't have any input for you, but I would like to know about scarring--that's about the only thing holding me back!
  • Kipnus -- so far, I don't see any signs that I'll have noticeable scars. One incision is basically inside my belly button. The other one is so far down (in my "hair line" is how the doctor described it) you wouldn't see it even in a 2 piece bath
  • Yes, I'm replying to my own post -- in case anyone comes here looking for information. :)

    Went to the doctor today, because I thought the continued pain and swelling seemed abnormal. She said it wasn't. She indicated that my ab muscles were tough

  • image heatherm27:

    Yes, I'm replying to my own post -- in case anyone comes here looking for information. :)

    Went to the docto

  • Thanks for the info! I'm glad your healing is on track!
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