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Worried about Contract Renewal

for my husband. The people from Ohio (higher than our P) were in his classroom several times checking on him yesterday. My P told me it was because the first few times when they looked he was sitting down. He told me he sat down because he is sick and when he stood he started coughing really bad (He's out sick today). He also wasn't handing out Dragon Dollars (our positive behavior support). He's missed a lot of work due to being sick since he's been here the end of November. My P said the people from Ohio will pretty much be here until the end of the school year to make observations, that way if they decided not to renew anyone's contract, they have reasons. My grade partner was standing with me when this was said and she tought it sounded like a warning to me for my husband. My husband is the best teacher they have in 4th grade and the P really likes him. I don't know what to think. I am worried they may not renew his contract but offer me one, even though I told them I plan to stay at home. If I have to work I will, but I want to stay at home with my baby girl. Do you think they would put us in that position???

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Re: Worried about Contract Renewal

  • No idea what they will or won't do, but would definitely make me start looking at options.  Better to have options and not need them than to need them and not have them.

    Good luck!

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  • It's hard to say if he'll get a contract or not. It is good to know that the people from Ohio will be back checking in on him again. This way he can be on his toes and really wow them next time. Lots of luck!

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  • Hard to say but I agree with Mark, I would look at options just to have a back up plan. In the state of California preliminary pink slip notices for teachers must by received by March 15th.

    Do you work for a public school? If so I would check

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  • I don't have much to add, but if he is a great teacher, there will be no problems the next time that they show up and he will wow them! It doesn't hurt to have back-up plans though
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  • Honestly, knowing public education, they will put you in that position.  Maybe this is coming out because I had a really bad day... I post later. But anyways...They don't care about how "good" of a teacher he is.  They care about how the student

  • He is going to apply to positions at other schools over the summer. He would like to find something closer to where we will live, but was hoping to have our current school to fall back on. I just can't imagine having to interview for positions just in cas

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