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Adoption only

kipnuskipnus member
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While I do want children eventually, I do not ever want biological children, for a number of reasons. H and I plan to adopt.

My parents know exactly how I feel about this, thought they hope I'll change my mind, but we haven't told H's parents, and they've started asking about when we're having babies, and talking about who they'll look like, etc.

Should we set them straight now, (H doesn't think they'll be too happy about it), or should we just keep changing the subject?

Re: Adoption only

  • Not sure what happened with the font, there!
  • I would be upfront with H's parents now.  They're going to find out eventually anyways. It might be easier on them to process if its soon than later.  They can get more used to the idea before you do end up adopting so they'll be completely prep
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  • I say just go ahead and tell them now. You will probably be met with resistance and they might try to talk you out of it, but let them know that the topic is not up for discussion. You can tell them that you'd appreciate their support and approval, but th
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  • Thanks for the advice! H and I will be visiting them for Easter, so that might be a good time to broach the subject.
  • If they bring it up at Easter, I think its a good time to say something. If the topic doesnt come out- I would almost wait until it does. Unless you plan to adopt sooner rather than later, I wouldn't bring up the subject until they get back onto the to

  • That's cool that you're considering adoption too!
  • Hey...I want to tell you something first. Thank you for choosing adoption. Not many people do it. My grandmother adopted my mother when she was an infant. I have also met my biological family as well. Still nothing compares to the family that adopted h

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