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40 weeks and a Mom rant

I meant to log in yesterday and post but I spaced it. Smile

I'm officially 40 weeks and 1 day today.  I really hoped that I'd go into labor this weekend.  I thought it would be really cool if Lily was actually born on her due date, but I guess she has other plans.  LOL.  I've been getting more cramps and such which from what I read is normal before hand.  Still about the same on the contractions, they are completely random and sometimes very painful, sometimes not.  That's been the story for two weeks now.  But the cramps, very period like and getting those on a daily basis now. So I'm hoping that's a good sign.  

Yes we've been trying ways to naturally induce labor.  Sex, lots of walking, I got a pedicure last Wednesday.  I'm holding off on trying spicy foods though.  If it doesn't work I'd just be miserable with indigestion.  I have my doctor's appointment in a few hours.  This really will be the last one because if Lily isn't here by Thursday at 5:00pm I'll be checking into the hospital for induction.  Knowing she'll be here by this weekend is very exciting.  I might go buy one of those large exercise balls after my appointment today.  Our birth instructor said bouncing on one of those could help bring on labor.


And because I'm lazy and not wanting to make a separate post, I've got a Mom vent below:

My mom came down with a cold/possible sinus infection this past weekend.  I'm hoping it clears up quickly.  She told me that if I go into labor this week she won't come for the birth. I pointed out that I'll be in labor by Friday no matter what.  I also suggested that even if she wasn't all the way better, as long as she wasn't running a fever she could come see the baby but would have to wear a mask and just not hold her.  My mom would rather not come see me at all because she wouldn't be able to hold her.  I'm hurt by this because I want my mom there.  I get that it's safer probably if she isn't there because she's sick.  I just feel like there's more to this on my mom's end.  My mom was really causing some stress last week.  She was calling me multiple times a day when I didn't answer my phone because I was working.  She kept trying to lay a guilt trip on me about how I want our first week at home to just be hubby, baby and I.  I've asked her to come back for a week or two after our first week home and while she's agreed to that, she's been trying to guilt me out of that for the last two months (ever since I brought it up).  This weekend I hit my limit and stopped answering her calls.  So when I finally did call her on Sunday, now she's sick.  It sucks, and I want her to come, but I'm feeling like her position on not visiting is more her way of trying to guilt me than anything.  I'm probably wrong about that.  At least I hope I am.

Ugh!  My mom and I aren't as close as I'm sure she wishes we were.  We are both very different.  My sister is the mom-clone.  While I do get along with my mom for the most part, she drives me crazy and is a big reason I live 5 hours away.  She's very controlling and extremely nosy.  Being 5 hours away helps keep our relationship as close as it is.  I actually see her more often now than when I only lived 2 hours away.   But regardless, I still want her to be there when I have Lily.  Not in the room but in the waiting room.  Hopefully it all works out. 

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Re: 40 weeks and a Mom rant

  • Yay to being past your due date. I can't believe that no matter what, she will be here this week.

    I am sure your mom will come. Hypothetically, even if she was just trying to guilt trip you, I doubt that she will miss the birth of her granddaughter. I hope that she comes to appreciate that you should be a family alone for the first week. 

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  • Holy cow! I was totally stalking Facebook this weekend....waiting, waiting lol! I can't believe sometimes this week Lilly will be here! That is so crazy! 

    As far as mom's go...I agree with the above. I hope she comes around and respects your wishes without causing too much of a fuss. I know my mother in law is going to be the same way when we have kids....always wanting to help. While I will probably appreciate the help, I'm with you. The first week I would really just want me, T and baby.

    Good luck with everything!  

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  • Yay for being so far along! I'm so excited for you. I hope you can go into labor naturally.

    As far as your mom goes, try not to get upset about her. She is trying to guilt trip you and you don't need that. When the labor actually does occur, maybe you'll be happy that it's just you and DH. It will be nice for it to be just the three of you and you'll have her there a week or so later after you've recovered.

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  • I hope you go into labor soon! I'm not sure where I've heard this (maybe my cousin tried this?), but castor oil is supposed to help induce labor. I haven't researched this at all for how safe it is though!

    As for the situation with your mom, I hope everything works out okay. Maybe try stressing to her that it's important to you that she be at the hospital for Lily's birth and that you really hope she comes even if she is sick.

  • Thanks ladies!  It's always great to have some encouragement.  I'm going to call my mom later tonight. I talked to my doctor and she said as long as my mom isn't running a fever, they would just have her wear a mask and wash her hands really well. She could even hold her. Maybe that will get my mom to come for the birth. I hope so.

    My doctor's appointment went well.  She's descended a little into my pelvis but still not showing any other signs of wanting to come out.  LOL. We talked about the induction.  I'll check in Thursday night and they'll give me Cervadil or something like it to help soften my cervix every 4 hours for about 4-6 times.  If I haven't dilated at all by then, they'll send me home and have me come back in a day or two to try again.  Hopefully I will dilate, even if it's just a few cm, then they can give me pitocin to start contractions.  I'm hoping to avoid the pitocin if possible but at the same time I'll do what I need to to make sure she arrives safely.  My doctor said she usually induces her patients after 41 weeks anyway and I'll be two days shy of 41 weeks.  We are both hoping I go into labor naturally but if not that my body will only need a small push to get started. 

    Meanwhile it's time for DH and I to start having sex like rabbits.  We've had some recently in an effort to help start labor but it's remarkably uncomfortable and left me extremely sore for a few days.  But I guess I just have to grin and bear it.

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  • When I read the title I thought it was 40 weeks and a mom rant, as in you were ranting as a mom about how your delivery went.Then I realized it was a rant about your mom. I feel so silly... anyway, I am hoping you go into labor naturally and soon. I can't wait until we can see a picture of your bundle of joy.

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  • Good luck with everything! Maybe your moms cold will pass by the time the baby comes. It will mean a lot to both of you if she's there. I also hope the baby comes naturally I hear its easier labor. I wouldn't know because one of mine was induction and the other was emergency c section. Enjoy the sex as much as possible because it will be at least six weeks until you have it again. :)
  • Hubby is taking all the sex he can get right now because he knows it'll be at least 6 weeks after.  LOL.  But so far no baby.  I'll keep you guys posted!
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