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Weekend Plans?

Any exciting weekend plans?

Nothing exciting for me. I am going to take my dreaded glocouse test tomorrow morning from 8-11. Then, I have to work from 2-9:30 at the hotel gift shop. I haven't worked there since December 1. I hope everything comes back to me. I'm really not looking forward to being on my feet for 8 hours and making coffee drinks for people. (I have been hating the smell of coffee since becoming pregnant.) Sunday I have nothing planned. I'll probably just do laundry and pack because we leave for our Puerto Rico vacation on Wednesday!

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Re: Weekend Plans?

  • I have nothing right now, besides shopping for party supplies tomorrow morning with MIL. J might have to work tomorrow night. Other than that, he wants to go to Chipotle, so we will probably do that on sunday.
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  • Saturday I have go get to the lab at 7am so I can get my Glucose Tolerance test done, I was supposed to do it last friday but that was when all hell broke loose. Then I have to work from 9:30-12:30, I may stay longer just for extra hours but I dont know, I'm exhausted.

    After work it is off to visit my mom and see if she needs any help with anything. Then I will go home and hopefully find the umph to clean, my housei s a mess since I've barely been in it for the last week. Sunday I just might get to sleep in a little bit! Then I have to take DH to the airport around 2. After that it's back to visit my mom and then go home and go to bed.

    I miss my normal routine!

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  • Nothing tonight really. Tomorrow I want to work on Abigail's blanket and pack some more. Tomorrow night we are going to see Oz and have a little date night. Then we'll head to LaBelle to visit DH's family. Our cousin's baby shower is on Sunday. I'm so excited for her! We will also be dropping off the security deposit for our house in LaBelle before we leave town. I can't wait until we can visit family and then go straight home instead of driving an hour and a half to get back home.

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  • Well first, I gotta get T out of bed. Then we will grab some lunch and a few groceries. T will head off work. I'll probably clean a bit and do some laundry. Just picking up and getting dishes done are my main thing. 

    Tomorrow and Sunday I have to work. Leaving T a list of things to do haha. Sunday we have a membership class at church so T can officially become a member. It's pretty exciting stuff.

    ps. Tara: I'm so jealous of your vacation! Sounds like a fabulous (and well earned and deserved) time!  

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    ps. Tara: I'm so jealous of your vacation! Sounds like a fabulous (and well earned and deserved) time!  

    Thanks! I'm so excited. I just love to travel. We haven't been able to go on any ski trips this year so this will be our first time away since August. I know we will travel much less when the baby is born so I better get used to it!

    Married the love of my life on 1-21-12. Our princess arrived on 5-28-13.
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  • Once again CO is having a crazy winter storm. We should get about a foot of snow today. Which makes my work day ridiculous! I usually I have a very busy work day on Saturday, but because of weather people will probably cancel. Tomorrow I was supposed to have a hair and make up session for one of my brides engagement photos but due to weather she canceled. Looks like a laid back weekend at home for me. 


  • I was suppose to go to the Melting Pot with some girlfriends from work.  I was so excited.  BUT like Aleigha said, we have a winter storm, so we had to cancel.  :(  Now I am all depressed and mopy, sitting around the house. Tongue Tied

  • Jen that stinks! I love the melting pot and would be depressed too! Mmm just thinking of cheese and chocolate makes my mouth water.
  • We only got 2 inches.  The wind blew a little but not 50 mph like they were saying.  Is it worse in the Denver area?  We were going to do the 5280 deal since they extend theirs.  I will probably have to wait since it is so expensive normally.

  • Yes a little worse. I think it was melting as it was snowing. Now it's super icy!
  • Oooh, Melting pot. I would have been bummed too. Now I am hungry!
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