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my coworker- Vent

I am not the kind of person that likes to talk about other people, but I am so tired of my co-worker. He is continually lying, which got me in a bit of an uncomfortable situation this morning. He lied to the parents of my student, saying that he is doing something that is in the plan (IEP for those of us who know what that means), when he is not. He and I responded with opposite head nods. I stopped because he is one of those people that fit the saying "if you give him enough rope, he will hang himself."

I ended up going to another co-worker to vent about it, and she said that we really need to go tell the principal. Which I was fine with, I just don't like to be put in the middle of that situation. 

I just get so frustrated that some people like him have a teaching job, when there are those of us that actually have potential and are jobless. 

End Vent. Thanks. 

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Re: my coworker- Vent

  • Oh, I know how you feel. There are so many teachers out there that are horrible and not doing their job correctly. It really is a shame. Good luck talking to the principal.

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  • I'm not a teacher but I can sort of relate. I have a few co workers that are total kiss ups to the boss. They aren't very hard workers and mostly slack off (when they show up: they either call off or ask to go home early etc. etc.), yet they somehow get all the shifts and all the hours. Every time I make our schedule, it gets changed around giving these two the most hours. It's not fair. I've tried speaking to our DM (district manager, above the store manager) about it. He didn't say anything. 

    It makes me so angry. I have a few really excellent employees that could really use the extra time and actually WANT to work and WANT to be there and do their job. They have the potential to make our store really great. The boss doesn't see it that way cause they aren't her favorites. augh. I'm not her favorite either. But she just loves the co manger (in between me and the store manager). Even though I spend most of my time doing and redoing the co manager's job. 

    sorry...went off on a rant there. I feel your frustration. I hope things get resolved if you talk to the principal. If I was a parent, I wouldn't want to be lied to by my child's teacher.  

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  • GO to the principal.  I agree, about not wanting to get in the middle, but if the state found out or if the parents found out that you or him knew that it wasn't being done, you would be fired.  Sometimes you can finagle something together to get it to count, but not always.  What is he not doing if I can ask? 

    Just to cover your butt I would tell the principal.  If he or she doesn't do anything, then its on them not you.

  • I'm sorry he put you in that position. I agree with your co-worker and Jen that you should definitely talk to the principal. You don't want to get in trouble if this comes back around.
  • I had no problem going to the principal. I was just more annoyed that he lied. 

    My student is supposed to go to his room (he is the emotional support teacher) for support for his transition plan. So they are supposed to discuss how to deal with college independently, how to choose a college, apply for SATs, and other things like that. 

    He has never done any of that, and when the student shows up, he talks about the weekend and how life is. So I stopped reminding the student to go, but he didn't call him down either, like he did when we forgot to go before. I would have had no problem telling mom that we weren't there either. I also told the principal the reason that we stopped going. It was really a waste of his class time to go for small talk, and everyone agreed with me. 

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  • I started an emotional (SEID) room at my school for kids like your student.  If you ever need support, let me know. :)  I spend a lot of time in that classroom.

  • Thanks! He is not really an emotional support case anymore, but his IEP is still there. Really, aspergers needs its own program.
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