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39 weeks

OMG!  I am so tired of everyone asking me how I'm feeling, if I'm in labor, if I'm having contractions, if there's any news yet.  The list goes on and on but it's all basically the same.  No I'm not in labor yet, if I was I would be letting people know.  I'm feeling very pregnant but otherwise pretty good.  Getting really pissy though with all the questions.  And wow do people ask the strangest things of pregnant women. Why is it anyone's business if I've lost my mucous plug yet or not or what I'm dilated to?  Grrrrrr......  And being dilated does not predict when you will go into labor.  You can be dilated a few centimeters for weeks at a time.  I'm seriously ready to just shut my phone off for the next week and a half.

My main issue with all of this is that it's not even my due date yet.  She's not past due.  It's driving me crazy how everyone is acting when she's not past due.  If she was, then to me it would be more understandable.  I feel past due just because people have been bugging me non-stop for the last two weeks.  I get that everyone is excited and people just want to know but asking me every single day is not going to make me go into labor any faster.  Most first time moms go past their due dates. 

Okay - ending my rant.  Really I'm feeling pretty great.  Just the same old huge belly which makes moving around a bit uncomfortable.  I'm enjoying working from home.  It is super awesome to have my bathroom close by.  I think my cleaning part of nesting might be hitting a little.  I actually cleaned out my fridge this weekend - wiped the whole thing down and all.  I don't want to think about how long that had been.  LOL  I kept telling Lily she had to wait until Monday afternoon before making an appearance since I had a test to take for my online class this morning.  Wow, that test sucked.  So now I'm feeling crappy about my test.  Not sure what I'm going to console myself with, but I'm thinking maybe some Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt after I have my doctor's appointment at 11:45. 

Only 6 more days until Lily's due date and then only 11 more days until my induction if she isn't here by then.  Crazy!  And very scary.  I'll be honest, I'm terrified.  That terrified excitement you get as you climb up the hill at the beginning of a roller coaster.

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Re: 39 weeks

  • I can't believe she'll be here in 11 days for sure. I'm ready for you! haha. 

    You are going to have one fantastic roller coaster ride coming up!
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  • I am SOOOOOOOOO EXCITED for you!!! I feel excitement just reading your post. My cousin is due next month and I am getting super excited for her as well. Do yourself a favor and turn off your phone for an hour or two so you don't have to read/listen to all the questions.

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  • I actually just turned it to silent a little while ago.  I figured I'd wait until this afternoon to turn the volume back on.  Doctor's appointment is in about an hour.  I'm excited that it might be my last appointment.  I'm not sure if I have to go back next monday if I'll be induced Friday.  Guess we'll see.
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  • Yes, people can be very annoying. Just try your best to ingore them. I'm happy that you are feeling good. I hope when the time comes that your labor is very easy.

    I forget....did you have childbirth classes? I start mine tonight. It's every Monday night for the next 6 weeks. I'm excited but wish it wasn't so late. It's from 7-9pm. That's usually my couch/relaxing time and then I'm in bed by 9:30. Why couldn't they have made the class from 6--8, that would have been better. But I guess they figure some people have to work late.  

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  • I can't believe that you are 39 weeks already and Lilly is almost here! I, like everyone else, are beyond excited for you! 

    As for the fifteen thousand calls/texts...I can only imagine how everyone is going to be with me someday...our wedding was bad enough...glad you turned the phone down and got some peace and quiet for a bit though!  

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  • I don't mind everyone being excited but the constant need for an update is the crazy part.  :) 

    My doctor appointment went well.  My doctor offered to strip my membranes (which can sometimes help speed up the process of going into labor) but you have to be at least 1 cm dilated to do it.  Still not dilated at all.  So Lily's arrival will still be a surprise up until the 15th.  

    Tara, yes we took birthing classes from Oct-December.  Our were one night a week and we had 8 sessions.  They were from 6:30-9:30.  I also hated how late they ran.  And long - I wish they'd been from 6-8 or something like that.  I hope you enjoy your classes.  I learned a lot.  There was a lot of repeat info but I still learned a fair amount.  DH hated it but he's also one who hates school period. 

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  • I think that you should tell people that you will send out an awesome labor announcement video like Ted did for Lily on How I met your mother, so that they don't have to ask anymore and that they can stayed glued to their email.

    Kidding aside, I agree with keeping your phone off at least a little each day. I am so excited that you are so close! I can't believe it! 

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