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Dyson animal. Worth the money?

My H and I have two dogs and a cat living under one roof. I had a dog previously, he had a cat, and together we recently got a new dog. I love my dogs more than anything, they're my babies, but the shedding is terrible!!! Everytime I turn around I'm vaccuming or sweeping/swiffering. I feel like this is all I do! When we bought our house, we knew we wanted to replace the carpets, and since we both prefer hardwood we decided to put laminate down in mostly our entire house. (the flooring men talked us into laminate since we have a 120 lb english mastiff pup running rampant and hardwood can scratch). I love my floors, but the laminate is a darker color and every single hair shows. It drives me nuts. Our mastiff literally walks through the room and you can see the baby hairs flying off her coat (literally- shes a HUGE shedder and she's only going to get bigger). I recently bought the swiffer sweeper vac, and although its better than the original swiffer, it still doesn't do the job. I stumbled across reviews for the dyson animal and of course they're all positive. Ppl act like this is a miracle vacuum, and now I'm adamant about getting one! My H doesn't think it's worth dropping 500 or so dollars (he's not the one swiffering 8 times a day!) and I honestly do agree with him. That's a lot of money for a vacuum, and we don't have it just lying around. So I guess my question is, does anyone have experience with this particular dyson, particularly someone with hard wood floors and shedding animals? Is it worth the splurge? Ive asked personal friends, who all have receieved it as a gift, and though they love it said they probably wouldn't have bought it on their own. I signed up for OT recently at work, and jokingly told my H it's for my new dyson (I'm actually kind of serious ). Thanks in advance!

Re: Dyson animal. Worth the money?

  • I received this Dyson as a gift on my bridal registry. Even though it is expensive, I would have found a way to buy it myself if someone hadn't bought it for me. My H and I LOVE it. We have two cats and it works great on our furniture. There are different settings for hardwood and carpet and they both work fabulously. I really like how it doesn't have vacuum bags and you just press a button and empty it out. We loved our Dyson so much, we bought the skinny cordless one ourselves for lighter use. I think the thought behind it is that you can spend $100 on a vacuum that you will have to replace or $500 on one that will last longer. I can't personally attest to how long they last because I've had them both for less than a year, but I think they work much better than any other vacuum I've ever used (unless you just get a shop vac!!!). It's a big purchase, so if you want, put money aside each paycheck. Look for the best deals. Maybe a coupon at BB&B, maybe you have store credit somewhere, or maybe you get sucked into a QVC/HSN hour like H and I always do. You will not regret it. 


    Oh, and your pets sound adorable! :-D 

  • I love ours. We got ours on Cyber Monday online. My husband bought it. Its really great but keep an eye out for a sale!
  • I really like it for our carpeted areas, however, I don't know that it would do a better job on laminate floors then something cheaper.  And you are still going to have to vacuum just as often as your swiffer...even if its a better vacuum every time your pets walk through and shed more there will be hair on the floor again.

    Overall i'm happy I purchased it for the two carpeted areas we have in our house.  My old vacuum would not suck up the dog hair no matter how many passes over it I did.  I tend to use my central vac for my hardwood/hard surface areas and find that works better. 

  • I don't have the Dyson Animal, but I do have an Dyson Ball for all floors. It is pretty amazing. It sucks up dirt and animal hair that I didn't even know was there. (I am currently living with 3 Boston Terriers - they don't shed a lot that is noticeable, but there is dog hair on our floors, obviously) 

    Try looking into the other Dysons that aren't as expensive, but still have the same suction power? To me, the ball feature is more important cause it has very easy handling.  

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  • Absolutely, it's the best!
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