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Help Needed - Cat's Who Form Crystals in Urine


Re: Help Needed - Cat's Who Form Crystals in Urine

  • image aggiebug:
    No I am just positive I can't say anything to make you believe me so its a waste of my time.  

    Thanks for confirming my belief.  Keep spouting stuff you can't back up. You are sure to convince people of your point of view this way. 

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  • Go look up info on HUMAN stone issues,  its all out there in general terms.  It discusses what individual ingredients do, but how it varies depending on the complete diet.  No all my proof with veterinary applications appears to be in journal articles that you can't see so yes its a waste of my time.  Not to mention the need for understanding of basic veterinary physiology, which I don't have the time to teach.  That is why we discuss things with specialists, to get information based on background education and clinical experience.  Some things take years of education to fully understand.  

    What is sad is I know I would have you convinced and understand if we met in person, but behind the facade of a computer just isn't effective.   

    DD born 1.25.15

  • I'm not an idiot, as you imply me to be. I shall sit patiently here and wait for you to back up any of the things you are saying.
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  • I do not think you are an idiot.

    DD born 1.25.15

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