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Haven't seen you in awhile on this board but I was just lurking on MM and saw your pug pictures in your siggy!  Oh my, is he a cutie!  I am so happy that you finally got your pug.  I know you had been obsessing for a long time and I just wanted to say congrats.

If you ever need any advice about pugs let me know.  They are my favorite breed ever and I've got two so I know how fun (and stressful) it can be.  I'm a little biased though ; )  Don't you just love those fat pug bellies?

How is potty training going?

Re: Rose!!!

  • Hey there!  Oh man Toby is keeping us so busy!  He's about 10 weeks now and we got him about 2 weeks ago from a rescue outside St. Louis.  He is obsessed with chewing on everything right now, especially me!  He loves my fingers, toes, and my clothes.  He slept through the night on Monday with no accidents and never cried or whined, that was a first!  Most nights he wakes up crying a couple of times and we take him out to potty.  He understands that if he potties outside he gets a treat and lots of praise, but he still has accidents inside if we don't watch him like a hawk!  It will take time though, but he is learning new things everyday so hopefully he will take to it.  We have to carry him out now since we're on the second floor of our apt. building. 

    We love him sooooooooo much but life has definitely changed now that we have a dog.  Dh comes home on his lunch break to let him out of his crate for awhile and we don't get much alone time.  He doesn't like to be crated when we are around, he just cries and whines.  We start puppy training classes in 2 weeks, I can't wait! 

  • Oh, it makes me want a little baby pug again.  I ask constantly but DH says no right now since we've got a little one on the way.  He said we can talk about getting Roxie a playmate in a year or so.  I will have to ask you about the rescue because I would rather rescue than look anywhere else.  Of course, rescuing Roxie we knew that we might have some problems just looking at her walking and we turned out to be right.  But I wouldn't give her back if someone paid me!

    When we first got Roxie we lived in a second floor apt.  I remember those nights getting up when she whined in her crate.  For the most part she learned really quickly.  Then she had her surgery during the winter and all the training we had done with her went out the window.  We had to start over when we moved to our house.  But now she is a good girl and always goes outside.  They really are smart dogs.  Fast learners and they have the best personalities, I think.

    Keep us updated on training.  Where are you taking him for his classes?

  • we're taking puppy classes at Petsmart to learn the basics, then we may do more after that, not sure where.  He'll be about 12 weeks when we start and we want to get him lots of socialization. 

    I think he will be our only puppy :)  so much work!  I think we'll try to adopt an older pug next time. 

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