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Menu Check- bday

I know it's early, but I like to start buying early.  So, bday party for a 2 year old.  Start time around noon.  20ish adults and 10ish kids (all but mine over 10). 


A few of these bruschetta
antipasti platter
veg tray


Baked ziti
tossed salad
garlic bread
maybe chicken parm?  I'm trying to think of an easy way to do smaller portions.  I do an unbreaded chicken, covered in cheese and sauce that is really good.


Costco cake
Ice cream
It's a cat theme so these chocolate cookies


Re: Menu Check- bday

  • I'm a sucker for Italian food so the menu sounds good. However, if it's a cat-themed party have you thought about adding more cat-themed foods like something with smoked salmon or tuna salad? Maybe a bowl of goldfish as well as Swedish fish as snacks?
  • Love the cookies - super cute :)

    I think everything looks really good.  I don't understand the meatballs (you mean the crockpot ones? by themselves? as a main?), but I'll chalk that up to regional differences and roll with it :)  I think you can safely skip the chicken parm for a couple reasons: 1) the antipasti platter, ziti, and meatballs are all filling, popular options, 2) I can't think of a way to easily serve it to a crowd in a home setting, and 3) it may require a knife and fork, decreasing party friendliness.

    Everything looks great. Yes

  • tms- I tend not to try to tie the theme in too much with food.  It taxes my brain and I'd rather just have good food.  I might be able to do a simple smoked salmon bruschetta though.  Goldfish are super easy and kid friendly.

    tar- The meatballs I was just thinking of putting in a crockpot with pasta sauce.  I was going to leave the ziti without a meat or put in sliced sausage.  I haven't quite worked that out.  Mainly it's that my 2 yo loves meatballs and my dad likes his pasta extra saucey.  This would take care of both those issues.  I'll skip the chicken because I can't think of an easy way either.

  • Hi!  I think everything sounds great.  Tarheels:  Re: the meatballs in sauce (yum) we also display ours with lg. split rolls in case someone (like DH) wants to make a sub style sandwich. :)
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