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Emotional Eating

I've been doing really well with the gym, have a personal trainer I see once or twice a week and for the most part my eating is awesome.

However, I am a terrible emotional eater.  I know it.  I can't STOP myself.  If I had a bad day, all I want is a Snickers and I usually give in.  I feel like some days going to the gym doesn't do anything because I over ate throughout the day.

Any advice? 

Re: Emotional Eating

  • I'm an emotional eater, too. And I tend to give into my cravings easily. To keep things from getting out of control, I try to only eat a small portion. Maybe instead of grabbing a full size snickers, get one of those mini or fun size ones. 
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    I don't know what kind of eater I am, but when I want something I cannot rest...however, since starting WWs, I'm trying to substitute healthier options.  This tea is like liquid chocolate and quells my chocolate craving in a big big way.

  • Talk therapy? 
  • Ugh i know the feeling!  I've noticed that i'm a bored eater.... i'll eat if my hands/mind aren't busy doing something. 


    In the beginning here, Try eating a smaller portion of the treat, and then turning to some sort of fun activity to take your mind off your emotion.  it could be as simple as coming home from a bad day and having a dance party in the kitchen while you cook dinner.  or turning on your favorite comedy movie or tv show while you hop on a stationary bike or do something like yoga/stretches to calm yourself down.  turn to activity as your stress-reliever instead of food. You might find that you soon rely on activity rather than food cravings-- which is great!



    ...also, ANY activity is better than no activity.  even if you feel like the gym isn't doing anything -- it is! it's getting you out and moving. keep it up! =)



  • On the days that you over-eat, you can make those days more balanced by hitting the gym! You can work off a snickers as long as the rest of your day was balanced. I don't know if you work, but try packing everything you will eat. That way you can track everything and avoid temptation knowing that you already have a meal packed.
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  • I'm the same way. When I get home from a long day, I like to eat. It sounds super hokie, but I find that if I take care of a To-Do list item around the house, it distracts me long enough to forget the craving. 

    So like, I'll come home, and instead of reaching for a beer and a sandwich, I'll go fix that cupboard in the bathroom. 5-10 minutes later, the house is improved, my wife is in a good mood because I took care of something, and my craving is gone.

  • I am a stress eater to the t. My DH has been gone for a month on business and I can't stop eating junk. I can see the difference in my mood and my skin breaks out more. I have a love hate relationship with food
  • I know it sounds stupid but just try not thinking about food during the day. If you think about it your going to want to go get it. Also if that doesn't help try stocking your house with healthier foods.
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