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Need some nutrition advice


I'm a WWer, I've lost almost 30lbs and I run/walk and have done 4 half marathons and now I'm training for my very first full marathon in March (eek, super nervous). Doing the half marathons I had a balance between fueling my body and being satisfied, but my long runs are longer, but I feel like I'm hungry all the time. I eat my weekly point allowance and most of my activity points which is a lot because of my long runs. And my weight loss has stalled because all I want to eat are carbs (I still keep it healthy - wheat bread, wheat pasta and oatmeal). I just feel like it takes a lot to fill up my tank. 

I would greatly appreciate your advice on snacks, what filling foods you like or what your workout/eating schedule is like. I'm so frustrated.

My goal is to finish the marathon....slow and steady. But this constant need to eat makes me feel a bit out of control and the weight stalling is killing my mental game.


Re: Need some nutrition advice

  • Not a WW, but some things that I have done are:

    1. Eat more protein, and if you are watching calories, try and add plant based protein (namely beans, leafy greens, nuts). Chicken and beef are also really good sources, but when you cook them be careful of how you season them (drowning them in bar-b-que does not make them healthy)

    2. I eat larger portions at dinner, and I do add in more carbs. Whole wheat bread, oatmeal, and homemade granola that is full of high protein nuts.

    3. Make sure you are getting enough water. Hydrating prior to a run is very important. :)

    4. Snacks in my house are almost entirely fruits, veggies, and nuts.

     Hope that helps!


  • I have no advice but I wanted to say I'm training for my first 1/2 and your post is motivating. 


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  • image LittleLady77:

    I have no advice but I wanted to say I'm training for my first 1/2 and your post is motivating. 


    2 1/2 years ago i told my bff i wanted to be a runner, it was a secret dream of mine...she said "if you have healthy lungs, strong knees you can do it, just start slow and don't give up. it's all mental." and she was totally right. i've been heavy my whole life and when i was in jr. high was teased bc i couldn't complete the mile in the presidential fitness test. when i finished my first half marathon and i power walked most of it, i felt like it was one of the best moments of my life. i felt like so empowered and excited.  and when i ran my first 5 miles straight and felt fantastic after, that's when i felt like a runner. losing weight is a big goal for me b/c my family has a history of diabetes and i need to get into a healthy bmi range, also would like to have another child so i'd like to be as fit as possible, but more importantly because it helps my running. running with a light load is so much easier :) 
  • Sounds like you could benefit from some more protein and fiber rather than the carbs. 
  • I would definitely eat a good portion of protein at breakfast time. Peanut butter on your toast or in your oatmeal. Also eat protein after your work outs. I would avoid protein powder because that is metabolized a lot faster than  protein from food. I like to eat almonds and I always throw walnuts and chicken on my salads.

    Hope this helps.

  • Eat healthy and balanced diet for the healthy life.

    Eat more fresh fruits and raw vegetables to get rich amount of vitamins, protein, fiber, calcium, mineral, and nutrition. 

    You should take fresh fruits and vegetables in all your meals to make your diet more nutritional.


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