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XP from pro boards about radon and VA loans

The radon tests for the house we're buying came back fairly high but that was expected in this area (southeastern PA) but now I'm worried that the well water also would contain radon. If air levels are that high, I'm sure drinking it would not be good. Anyone ever deal with high radon levels in well water? I'm guessing that's a separate inspection or analysis.
We got the basic water analysis done before we knew the air radon results so it doesn't have much info. Our well
inspection didn't even provide the well depth. I'm under the assumption (thanks to Google) that the VA requires specific things be tested in water, which was not included in our analysis. And best part is, we paid $1,800 for all of the inspections and it seems we'll need a few more. Boo. Guess I'm just venting a bit but wondering if anyone else has experience with this or words of wisdom.

Re: XP from pro boards about radon and VA loans

  • I currently have a VA loan, and will use them with the next house we buy as well. I can tell you from experiance, that the VA is extremely picky about what they will finance, and what they will not. When I bought the house i currently live in, there was a small problem with mold in the crawl space, and the VA refused to fund the home until it was fixed, and they came out an inspected it. I live in an area with 4 military bases, high VA loan rate, and I hear that this is very typical for them.

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  •  Thanks for the info.  the sellers will be installing a remediation system and we're currently getting the water checked.  Hopefully once all its fixed there won't be a problem. I just can't believe the previous owners didn't get this done as the house is only two years old and they would have performed the same tests. 
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