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Random thoughts on stuff

Okay so I am all contemplating stuff right do Christmas or not to do Christmas to pay off a credit card or use the Christmas bonus to remodel the kitchen but my biggest worry is when I think about the future. I was talking to my mom about this tonight. I expressed my concern about children and day care. (me staying home is not an option, both for my mental health and the finances) Does anyone else worry about the cost of child care? I am not even pregnant yet but it concerns me greatly...thoughts anyone?
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Re: Random thoughts on stuff

  • Yes! I can't stay at home either (just for the financial part, I would LOVE to be a SAHM).  It is just ridiculous how much child care is!
  • Yeah, I'm concerned as well. I will not be able to stay at home. My aunt knows someone that works out of her home, in the town I work in. So hopefully when the time comes around, that will work out for us.

    I would say do Christmas! It will help your suffering and help you get into the spirit. It's only comes once a year, I say go for it! I'm also a big christmas person too

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  • I am worried about child care as well, but hope that my mom will be able to help us out when the time comes. I would love to be a SAHM, but we will have to see when the time comes.
  • I am not worried about "to stay home" or "to not stay home" yet.  Actually I was worried that once I had children I would lose the desire to work entirely, but my aunt told me over Christmas that she started to miss work about 3 months after the birth of her daughter.  She said not to worry about wanting to stay home.

    As for affordability, I can't start obsessing about that yet.  We have no money right now (we're both students) and I can't imagine our finances becoming more strained than they are now, but we are planning on prolonging procreation until we have jobs (and more money!)

    I think the most challenging thing I've seen about childcare is timing.  One coworker starts getting totally insane as 5:00pm approaches because he knows that if he doesn't pick his kids up before 5:00 on the dot, he'll be charged waaaaaaay extra per minute that he's late.  That's crazyness and not worth the stress, in my opinion.


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