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Weekend Plans?

Let's make this Friday go by fast with an active board!
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Re: Weekend Plans?

  • I have a half day today. The Dude and I have another appt at CHOP at 4:30 and I want to get a few things done before hand - like organizing the last of the kitchen stuff.

    Tomorrow - Sunday I'm going to DC for the night while Dude and his dad take down the ceiling, the walls and the floors in the kitchen. I expect to come back to a completely gutted room and a half of a wall gone where we're opening up the space. I'm sad I can't be here for it...this is always my favorite part but obviously I can't risk inhaling the dust and other crap.

    My little nuggets


  • I feel so lame with another post of -no plans this weekend- but all I've been doing is sleeping whenever I can so it's really great we haven't had anything scheduled.

    I may go to Winter Jam tomorrow because my friend will be playing the drums for Tegan and Sara but, in all honesty, I'm not sure I care enough to stand outside in the cold. I can't wait for this cold front to pass!

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  • Not much and I couldnt be happier! 

    Today we are heading out for a play date, I let JD play hooky for the day. Hoping to squeeze in a run before the snow hits then chillaxin, maybe some baking since i have some bananas that are turning.

    Tomorrow, brunch for my besties birthday then not sure, may go to a winter festival for a park opening nearby if not too cold. Then maybe car show

    Sunday, nada!

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  • Not much going on this weekend and I am thankful.  Might go hang out with SIL/BIL and niece tomorrow night.  And I have a lunch date with my bestie on Sunday.

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  • Not much going on here either!  Must be the time of year.  Tonight and tomorrow we'll be hanging home and I'll be coming up with some recipes for our first week of CSA veggies we picked up yesterday.  I've been busy pinning away!

    Sunday DH and I have a sitter and will be going to a bar for our Super Bowl block pool pick with his cousin and uncle.  It's one of my favorite days of the year!  I can't wait to sit in a bar and drink draft beer.

  • We were going to head to the shore b/c we have a contractor coming in to do some work.  However, I am under the weather with a stupid cold.  So, DH will go solo.  This is fine by me, and I can lounge around all week end here.  On Sunday, we were supposed to be going to dinner for his parent's anniversary.  At this point, I am bailing.  No need to infest others.
  • This weather is brutal! My primary objective is to get through each day so I can scurry home, throw on sweats, and chill out on the couch with my Kindle.  I just signed up for a library card, and have been downloading books for my Kindle.  Wish I did it soon because borrowing books is kind of awesome.

    My BIL/SIL bought a Groupon for Tavola's Restaurant at Springfield CC that covers dinner for four, so we are meeting them there Saturday night. 

    Sunday, I think we're haveing J's parents over for dinner.  It'll probably be some sort of homemade pasta and sauce since apparently that's the only thing I'm capable of cooking.  Safe to say I'm stuck in a rut.


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  • Tonight:  Ursinus Alumni Happy Hour in the city. I won a $25 gift certificate for the event!

    Tomorrow: We are spending time with FIL and his GF as our Christmas present to each other.  We are starting off with a tour of Yards Brewery, afterwards we will grab lunch there. Then off to the Constitution Center to see the exhibits, especially the one on Prohibition. Finishing the day with RW dinner at The Farmer's Cabinet.

    Sunday:  Errands, cleaning, and dinner at MILs for belated Greek New Years cake.

  • tonight: a adult toy party

    tomorrow: sleeping in then some cleaning, then a sernade in the afternoon/night.  Block party in the freexing temps.  I don't see us staying too long.

    Sunday: more sleep then off to dinner at my parents for my dad's b-day

  • tonight - a whole lotta nothing.  pizza and trashy tv with dh.  maybe watching the lifetime casey anthony movie that I DVR'd last weekend Stick out tongue

    tomorrow - having a book cabinet delivered!  we are one step closer to completing my reading room!  then maybe a target/mall run to take care of some errands/returns...then i am chaperoning a dance :)

    sunday - pre-jordan class for DD's baptism, then a baby shower...followed by finishing up some lecture notes to prep for the week

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  • DH is away for work. Boo.

    Tonight I'll probably to go target and buy a bunch of things we don't need :)

    Tomorrow night I have a friend's, well a friend's boyfriend's, going away party. He's entering the Navy.

    Sunday my aunt is having a thirty-one demo party. I've never been to one of these, but I've been to about a dozen of the adult toy ones. ETA: I just remembered the host, or whatever the name for the "seller" is, is my old cheerleading coach. My aunt and her went to school together. Small world.

    Hope everyone has a good weekend!

  • DH and I are teaching a Pre-Cana (marriage prep) class at our Church this weekend, so we were there tonight and will be tomorrow all day.  

    If we are all (us and the kids) feeling up to it after class and Mass tomorrow, I told my friend I'd give her a call to maybe try to hang out with her and her husband and son...we'll see.

    Sunday I have no plans, but DH has to go out for his dad's bday dinner.  I have a ton to do for our upcoming fundraiser, as well as some house stuff, so I'm sure I'll keep busy. 

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