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Introducing 2 male cats

So the fiance and I are finally, after much anticipation, about to move in together into our own house within the next couple of weeks. Total, we will have one dog (Felon), two cats (Squall and Chase), and a chinchilla (Houdini). The problem we are facing is introducing the two cats, whom are both neutered males. Does the fact that they are neutered make them neutral to one another, or do we have a potential disaster on our hands? Advice on how to introduce them would be much appreciated. Thanks!

Re: Introducing 2 male cats

  • Keep them separated for awhile. Confine them to separate areas of the house.

    Put something with the other cat's scent in the room where the other cat is (anything will do -- a dishcloth, etc). This way, they'll know another cat is on premise.

    A couple of weeks should do it. Then see how they fare. GL.


  • Sorry for the late response, especially if you?ve already moved in. I used to introduce cats all the time when working at a shelter.

    Like the PP said, rub a towel over each cat. Swap the towels and let the cats get to know each other?s scents.

    The cats should not meet each other face to face right away. Place the ?new? cat into a small room so he isn?t overwhelmed by a big, new house with lots of new scents.

    The cats will be aware of each other?s presence, but should still not meet.

    ?Old? cat should be allowed to walk up to the door of where?new? cat is staying. They can bat at each other from under the door and sniff?but no face-to-face time.

    When I worked at the shelter, we recommended giving them LOTS of time to get used to each other?s scents before having them meet face-to-face.

    After *at least* a few days of this, place ?new? cat in a crate in this room where he has grown comfortable. Allow ?old? cat to come in and inspect. They can now see each other and get pretty close, but you can safely gauge how they react to each other without the worry of a fight.

    Hissing is no big deal. But any swipes or lunges are a sign one of them isn?t ready yet.

    I?ve had 2 cats that didn?t get along. Giving either one up was not an option. Instead, we fed them separately to avoid fights and they generally avoided one another.

    If they antagonize each other, they probably have a lot of pent up energy that needs to be redirected?through play time and exercise.

    The key is giving them time?cats need to feel safe, so if one is giving you signs he doesn?t feel safe (hiding, growling, fighting), he needs to be in his own room, where the other cat does not have access.

    Sorry this is so long!

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