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Married with girlfriends

Hi everyone, 

I'm happily married and my husband and I have a great relationship. The problem is, that since we've been together (7 years), I haven't had very many girlfriends. This is absolutely my fault, because I allowed my husband to be the centre of my social circle and lost friends over the years. I do have two girlfriends, but they are married and have children so they don't really have extra time to be social. 

My husband, on the other hand, is very social and has plenty of guy friends. He does include me with his friends, but it would be nice to have my own friends (especially girls that don't just talk sports lol). 

Does anyone have any advice on making new friends?


Re: Married with girlfriends

  • You can take a class or join a club that fits in with your interests and hobbies. Or you could start by asking a friendly co-worker if they'd like to hang out after work.
  • image mellimel19:
    You can take a class or join a club that fits in with your interests and hobbies. Or you could start by asking a friendly co-worker if they'd like to hang out after work.

    What are you interested in?

    What I suggest: volunteering for a good cause, political clubs, take an adult school class, sign up for lessons (tennis, martial arts, anything co-ed where you learn in a group).
  • As an adult, most of the friends I have made are through Church. If you are at all into religion, consider looking into joining one.

    What about your H's friends wives/girlfriends/SO's? Maybe one night when the boys get together, you girls could gather as well, at a different place. It might be awkward at first, but I bet the guys would like it.

    Do you or H have any interest in sports? I made a bunch of female friends when I would go to the local adult sporting league events. My BFF's guy played on a team, and i just went to watch some baseball and drink some beer. I ended up with a couple of good friends out of that.

    Also, with spring coming up, maybe you and your H could invite a neighborhood couple over for dinner. Try that with a couple of different neighbors and maybe you'll strike gold.

    Good luck!

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  • If you go to a gym, look into fitness classes - it's a great way to meet people AND get healthy!

    I second also asking co-workers if they'd like to hang out. 


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  • I was going to suggest a church as well if you are religious.  Maybe find a large church with a newlywed group.
  • has a section for meeting new girlfriends.  I went to one in my area, and it was a good/diverse group.  Some were married, some single, relationship status etc....  People from all walks of life getting together to see a movie, grab drinks, sports, eat out etc....  You can even organize one.  Good luck!  It is tough meeting friends at this stage in life.
  • I'm glad you asked this because I am in the same boat. Honestly my husband has so many friends and hes great at making new ones, I swear he starts a new job and bam he has 10 new friends. Part of it with him is he has lived in the same area his whole life so he has kept a lot of friends, whereas I moved a lot until I was here and I get what you are saying about the losing touch with friends. I have started going out of my way with coworkers to making new friendships. I like everyone's response with church but I unfortunately work every Sunday for my job. Good luck. 
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