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opinion on floor plan?

Here's the house:


Floor plan:

as you can tell, the outside of the house is very deceiving. what are your thoughts on this floor plan? are the rooms well sized? house is 3200 square feet basement included. i have to say the layout isn't traditional, but i love it. what are your thoughts? do you think it's possibly to change the great room with the family room? thanks. 

Re: opinion on floor plan?

  • honestly, the layout feels very awkward to me.  i don't mean to offend you by pointing out all the 'bad things' i see. (especially if you like them! yikes. im sorry!)...but something that i do when i look at floor plans is envision the house being used a lot.  i have no idea how many people are living in this home, so i'm going to assume 2 adults 2 kids.

    the first thing i notice is the kitchen/eating/family area. i love this space. i like that all 3 are somewhat connected by the low wall. its very family friendly and i think you'd enjoy the space. the kitchen work area is a tad bit small, but the traffic pattern is good, and having the bar there would make it feel more open and spacious -- so you probably won't notice it much at all.

    unfortunately, that's where the good ideas stop.  walking INTO the house, the first thing i look for is a closet, or place for a table/bench/etc.  the nearest closet is around the corner from the entry. honestly, that closet is almost better suited as a pantry then a coat closet. i'd find a way to switch the powder room and closet if you can.

    secondly, the largest issue in the home is the great room. this room is separated from just about everything else in the house. it is too far from the kitchen to be a formal dining room (unless you want to carry food/plates/etc that far), and as a family room -- i can't see you hanging out there, when there's another space closer to the kitchen to run to for snacks and drinks mid-play or mid-tv show.  i COULD see the room being used as a sitting room/library/office/homework/craft space. it would be quieter away from everything else to be able to get work done.

     the basement and garage look fine.  upstairs is 'ok' at best. i do like the master suite, although i would shrink the room a little to make the bathroom bigger. the way it's drawn it looks like the door swings fairly close to the sink. i could see a lot of problems with that. the whole bathroom seems crowded for a custom-built master.

    i dont really understand why the laundry room is closer to the other bedrooms. if i had kids (or guests!), i'd want the bathroom to be right outside their rooms, and the laundry room closer to me so i can DO the laundry. also i could see how the appliances might be noisy for them at bedtime, which means you couldn't do laundry in the evenings when they're asleep but you're still up. the spaces look like similar sizes, and you could save space with a shower stall instead of a tub if you didn't want to cut into the 3rd bedroom.


    again, these are all just my own opinions about what i see, and how i envision the house being used.  overall it is a fairly decent plan.  I do think there are better ones out there though.  I would suggest -- if you have access to a game like 'the sims', where you can build houses -- build this one. 'walk' through it in 3d and see what you like/dont like.  I did that as we were purchasing the house i own now, and it came in really handy when it came time to renovate the kitchen (knock down walls), envision a new cabinet layout, and furnish the rest of the house.


    regardless of my opinions - make sure its right for you and your family. good luck! =)



  • I agree with PP on the front entry and lack of a closet there. Plus, I'm just not a fan of walking into a formal entry and being a bathroom. So, I agree if you can, to swap the powder room and the closet, or to move the powder room elsewhere.

    I like the kitchen/breakfast/family room...a lot. Is an island an option in this home? Great for prep work and family cooking or to use as a buffet.

    Our old home had the bath door open into the bathroom and the shower stall (also with its own door) was right behind it. The doors banged together all the time. It looks like you would have the same trouble. The remedy is to install a pocket door at that point for the entry into the bathroom. I might also consider a larger bath by a few feet even if it meant making the master a tad smaller. It's already a big room. I imagine you and your husband might be in the bathroom together...bumping into one another.

    People use rooms most frequently that make sense. The great room seems off by itself and you could transform it into a library or study. For the price of a 3,200 squre foot home, are you sure you want a room that might not be used a lot?

    I think the exterior is stately.

  • any other opinions??
  • I really enjoy looking at floor plans-glad you posted! I agree with some of what some people mentioned above (Small kitchen).

    I don't mind the bathroom near the front, there are not a lot of options for it and you will utilize that bathroom and guests will too.

    I would change the closet space though and try to have a close on the right as soon as you walk in, even if it is tiny for coats etc. Then where the layout says low wall I wouuld have an opening or door there.

    I kind of like that family room being off by itself because it could be used as a multi-purpose room. It could be a family room, office, or spare bedroom (if necessary). And if you have a couple kids or a family gathering people don't like to sit on top of each other and this would be another space to seat people. I realize it isn't exactly connected if you were doing a party but the other space doesn't appear to have a ton of room if your entertaining unless you are going outside too. Lets be honest too, once kids become teenagers they don't always want to hang out in the same area as parents this could double as a spare room for games etc.

    I personally don't care for things that are "open to below" but some do. If it were me choosing this plan I would close that off and open up the closets to make it one big closet and not necessarily his/hers. The space would be better utilized that way. Or you could still cover it and have a desk there.

    Maybe I'm not reading the pattern right but I don't understand the entrance into the house from the garage. I'm reading it like-if you don't use a basement a door would be there from the garage, but if you do, I'm confused?

    I would most definitely have a basement. This allows potential for more bedrooms and in general extra space and possible resell. I don't understnd houses that only have 3 bedroom options but I also want multiple children and like the idea of family coming to stay so that again is personal preference but your resell might be better if you have the option of a 4th bedroom.

    Just my opinions! Goodluck!

  • definitely will be having a finished basement with the house and an office in the basement. here`s another shot of the house! 





  • Is this one half of a duplex?  If not, why are there no windows on one side?

    Where would you park your second car?  

  • the driveway is surprisingly big enough to fit 2 cars side by side. it is a detached house. no windows on the left side because that is the back of the house. i think there's one or two.
  • I'm not loving it...the no windows on one side is odd to me.  Even if it is the back of the house.  My house has windows in the back.  But 3200 square feet is a huge house, so I'm sure you'll have wiggle room to do whatever you want with it.

  • i agree it is odd there's no windows on that side, but it really doesn't do much for us. just curious, what are your guys thoughts on this house? pretty much set on the one originally posted but im just curious.





    the only thing that put us off was the dining room/living being completely connected...still a very lovely home.  

  • Most homes have lots of windows on the back -- it's usually the most private view,  So unless this house backs right up to an adjoining home, I would add windows to the back wall in the breakfast room, stairwell, and bedroom 3.

    The master walk-in closets are fairly minimal and one has a window -- if this window is on the south, east, or west side of the home, your entire wardrobe could be ruined by sun-bleaching.   One of those walk-ins could be enlarged by moving the hallway wall to the right, which would give you hanging space on three sides.

    The master bath is also pretty small for two people.

    Is there definitely direct access from the garage to the house? It says "optional" in the plan.  It's really not an option; it's a necessity!

    Honestly, this home looks like it was designed to look good from the street, and the spaces were shoehorned into the footprint.  On the other hand, I do like the upstairs laundry!

  • it's hard to tell from the floor plan but it's honestly spacious and lovely inside. there is access from the garage to the house right beside the upstairs staircase. also, why would i add windows in the breakfast area when there are two gigantic sliding doors.
  • It isn't apparent from your posts whether this is a model home in the pictures (and yours will be built to the same floorplan) or the one you will actually buy.

    Obviously, you've made up your mind.  So if you love it this much, other opinions don't really matter.  Go for it.

    Why add windows?  Views, light, air flow.  But if you live in a sunny climate and this wall faces south or looks onto a neighbors nearby wall, don't bother.  My input is limited by my lack of knowledge of your location, the siting of the house, how you live, etc.

  • it's another families home but ours is being built and is identical to that one except the floor plan is flipped. 
  • If you are building it, I recommend a window in the stairwell for light during the day.  I would also recommend windows to the back if your children will be playing out there or if you ever might want to check and see if there's a bear or burglar in your backyard.  Our house, because of an odd layout, did not have any windows into the backyard and it was really irritating and a security risk to not be able to see out there.  We've remodeled, so that problem is gone. 
  • Not sure if you're still looking for opinions, but here's my 2 cents.  The closet in the entryway is ok with me.  We have a much smaller closet and it's off the main hallway. We don't have any issues with that.  Most people walk into the home a little bit before taking off their coat.

    The bathroom on the side when you walk into the house is a little odd, but It's not a big deal.

    I would try to increase the size of your master bathroom. The sink doesn't look like it has a lot of space.  It looks like the other upstairs bathroom is larger.  I would also try to switch the second upstairs bathroom with the laundry room to make the flow better upstairs.

    Good luck!

  • always willing to listen to ideas/opinions! thanks so much for the input.
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