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Kitchen Cabinet Help

So we're in the process of building our home and we're at the "pick out your cabinet" stage.  We have style and color and all that jazz picked but I wanted to know what everyone's "wishlist" is for a kitchen.  "If I could remodel, I would do this instead of that."  "I got everything I wanted in my kitchen and you have to have this."

 You might have thought of something that I would never have imagined.


Re: Kitchen Cabinet Help

  • Must-haves:

    An island...have now.

    A huge deep sink with no divider in it...want so badly.

    A pantry or closet to use as one...have now.

    A corner lazy susan cabinet for small appliance storage...have now.

    Drawer pull outs in bottom cabinets...have now.

    Tons of recessed ceiling lighting for prep work and social time...have now.

    Space for a wide not have now. Won't have for a long time.

    Built in cabinet wine rack...don't have now. Won't have for a long while.

  • I have recessed lighting on dimmers. I love them

    My island has lots of storage space underneath and to cut down on usless cupords space the whole top of my island is a butcher block so i dont need cutting boards i just use mineral oil to keep it looking nice and it takes away the knife marks.

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  • The best advice I can give is to think about everything you need to fit in the kitchen, and plan your cabinets and drawers accordingly!

    We just remodeled our kitchen a couple months ago...(pre-backsplash photos. sorry!)


    just for an explanation: pic 2 is situated to the right of pic 1 (aka the sliding glass door that you can see in pic 2 is next to the cabinet next to the dishwasher in pic 1)

    the original kitchen had 1 entrance (where im standing in pic 1).  we took down that entire wall, and then built the now theres 2 entrances into the kitchen (the 2nd is over by the fridge to the wayyy left of pic1). LOVE THIS DECISION.  like it or not, the kitchen is a huge traffic area. there should always be 2 or more ways in/out of the room.  there was a kitchen table smack in the middle of pic 2. we got rid of it, and built a breakfast bar. this also doubles as our pantry (there's not a lot of storage in the house, so we made some!), and a buffet server in case we have parties - especially helpful to serve food for outdoor parties since the sliding door is right there!

    our island is awesome!  its 2 tier, and the bottom tier has about 6inches of custom space behind the range, so that we can put oil bottles, spices, etc on the counter. great decision. we use this all the time.  secondly, we built the top tier so that we could have that narrow cupboard you see in pic 1.  this is where i keep all my baking sheets and cutting boards. LOVE THIS too. the front of the island has a set of 3 drawers, the range, and another set of 3 drawers. the top drawer on one side is a spice drawer... i have a built in organizer in there.  the rest of the drawers hold things like hot pads, trivets, towels, spatulas, wooden spoons, saran wrap and foil, etc.

    our cabinets all have 'soft close' doors, and we have pull-out drawers in all the lowers.

    we chose a deep "D" shaped sink.  definitely go with a larger 1 bowl rather than a split sink. they're so much better and more useful.  we chose a moen faucet that i love. the arcs are nice to be able to fit pots under them.  I also noticed that if i put a small pasta pot on the counter, i can swivel the faucet and fill it without having to lift/hold the pot! (woot!) ....side note: coolest accessory EVER for your sink:  our cloth doesn't stay hung over the faucet well, and this was the perfect, modern solution. so neat!

    lastly, we chose a lazy susan corner cabinet in the back corner instead of the 'crazy door' cabinet (the one that folds out). everyone advised us against it since they think you pinch more fingers in the lazy susan cabinet, but truthfully, i HATE cabinet doors banging into each other and the fold out one just plain sucks. so. that was our decision.  the upper cabinet is a 45degree angle -- DO THIS.  if you do 90 degree angle cabinets in the corners you end up with 'blind corners'....or spaces where you can put things, but can't really see/access them too well.  with the 45degree cabinet, you get a smidge more space, and access to ALL of it.


    lastly. if i were to turn around from pic 1 to look behind me, i would have seen a random closet in our dining room.  NOW, however, I see this:


    built in bar! yes!  our dining room (hidden to the right, and open to the living room) is a bit too small to have any sizable china cabinet or buffet server.  our top tier on our kitchen island acts as a buffet server, and the bar does hold all of our glassware, liquor and all around good stuff!



    ....sorry if i went completely nuts. I LOVE TALKING KITCHENS!  especially since this truly is my dream kitchen (you know, the one I thought i'd have 30 years down the road in a 2nd or 3rd house). I never thought i'd have it in my first home! crazy.  there was a lot of pinterest, houzz and googling being done to come up with some of the ideas. i'd definitely reccomend doing some research with all 3. bottom line: this was all designed by us, for us, and we LOVE it and use every inch of this new kitchen.

    hope yours turns out just how you imagined!

  • The ones I wish I had the most: 

    Appliance "garage" - the roll up door on a counter level cabinet to hide appliances, but keep them accessible. 

    Deep drawers for pots, lids, etc. Easier to organize and access than cabinets. 

    Pull out drawers within larger cabinets so I don't have to dig to the back, built in dividers for cutting boards, baking pans.   

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  • Would love

    -Under cabinet lightening to help light up counters while working plus looks nice in evening

    -Pull out shelving for pots & pans

    -drawers that you can but dividers for to help organize my misc. kitchen spoons, spatulas, etc.

    -slow closing drawers, they close softer so it's quieter which in an open concept floor, would be nice

    -Lots of outlets, makes it easier when you need to use small appliances (this part I do have)

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