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what kinds of tricks can you're pet do?

My husband and i have 2 dogs. A miniature Australian Shepherd Blue Merle Male Named Buster. and a German Shepherd X Border collie cross, named Sadie... they are both about a year and a half old as we got them both from puppies, so far they both know the basic commands, sit , stay, come, shake, roll over, etc.. we have upped it a bit and we do "both paws" where they sit on their hind legs and place both paws into your hand, Buster (my boy) and i have a really neat bond, i created the "high five" command and its like we are a team we do it before and after walks, etc, he sits up on his hind legs and i hold my hand up like getting a human high five and he literally slaps his paw into my hand, it kicks butt :) Anyone else got cute tricks? 

Re: what kinds of tricks can you're pet do?

  • MyJack Russell mix can "drop" (fall straight onto his side from standing position) "go around" (spin in a circle) and "crawl" (crawls a few feet to get a treat), in addition to sit, wait, shake, sit up, roll over, and lay down. 

    My second dog only does sit and go around. And right now our puppy, who's a German shepherd mix, knows how to sit, lay down and shake. She's still learning though. :)

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  • My yorkie (who is 6 today!) does the usuals... sit, stay, down, give paw laying down or sitting. But he also "dances"! He will stand up on his rear legs and bounce around in circles to dance! - That's our favorite.
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  • My very bratty shih tzu, poodle mix knows sit, speak, shake and beg. Gees I wish she would grasp stay. Nearly every morning when i'm leaving for work she decides she needs to come with me and bolts out the door. -_-" Eight hours is more like eight days to her apparently. haha, my poor fiance tries so hard to win her affection but she is determined to be souly my dog.
  • My boxer Athena does the standard sit, stay, laydown.  She also rolls over, plays dead, shakes, gives "other hand", high five, and dance. 
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  • We have 2 dogs.  Our 4 yo rat terrier does quite a bit: sit, lay down, shake, stay, "bang" and "clear" (basically we make a gun motion with our fingers and say "bang" and he rolls onto his back and plays dead..then he won't come out of it until we touch his stomach and say "clear" to bring him back to, spin, jump, roll over, stand (on his hind legs), and walk (he'll actually walk back and forth on his hind legs).  Also, it's not really a "trick" but I think it's pretty cool: sometimes he'll jump on the bed with us at night and cuddle with us for a few minutes before we sleep.  Then when H and I are ready to sleep, we say "Goodnight!" and he gets up and jumps off the bed and into his own bed, which is next to ours.  :)  

     Our 1.5 yo husky does far less tricks. He's extremely intelligent but anyone who owns/has owned a husky knows how stubborn they can be and he has definitely been a lot harder to train than our rat terrier because of that.  :p  Right now, he just knows pretty basic stuff, sit, shake, and high five (he'll jump up and slap your hand like a high five).  We were trying to teach him to say "I love you" but he hardly ever talks so it's been hard.  We need to think of some new tricks to teach him. 

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  • Our sheltie can:

    sit, lay down, stand, stay, back up, paw, other paw, high five, spin, twirl, roll over, play dead, do figure 8s between our legs, get it, leave it, bring it, beg, sit up, crawl, and bow 

  • I am the crazy one that has trained her cats to do tricks. They both sit on command and sit up (sit with front feet up in the air.) They will both play fetch. I throw their mice and they bring it back. My female can shake paws.
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