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Valentine's Day

So with Valentine's Day about a month away, I thought I'd ask if anyone has anything special planned?

I'll most likely be on call at work the week of Valentine's, so DH and I probably won't be able to do much.  Maybe we'll have a nice dinner in or something.

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Re: Valentine's Day

  • No, not really.  Everything is always so busy around where we live, so we usually wait until the weekend to go to dinner.  We'll likely cook dinner together, have some wine, and relax at home that night.  
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  • I'm taking DH to a crepe place on Feb. 1st before going to a planetarium.

    As far as the 14th... we'll stay home. It's waaaay too crowded everywhere else and prices are upped. 
  • we actually joked/were partially serious about going to a gourmet burger place near us because most fancy places will likely be booked. 

    i actually planned a weekend away for his birthday which is feb 6, but we are going over valentine's weekend now.  we are staying at a fancy cottage at a resort that has outdoor winter activities like snowshoeing, skating, hiking, etc.  he is super into the outdoorsy stuff so i thought this was a nice gift for him. it;s kind of a bday /vday combined gift.

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  • DH and I had our very first date on February 12 so we usually do something nice on that day instead of on the 14th. Not sure what we are doing but maybe going to our favorite restaurant on the 13th so we can celebrate both our first date and v-day (and the restaurant is closed on Tuesdays which is the 12th.) I usually like to get DH a little something silly but we don't do big gifts or anything.

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  • Well now we are going to a Mardi Gras ball on February 1 this year.  We can just count that, lol.  But DH did propose on Valentine's, so we will probably still do SOMETHING special.

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  • Valentine's Day has a double meaning in my life, being that it is also my birthday. I'm not exactly sure what we'll be doing, but I think that DH wants to make this one extra special, seeing as he has joined the Navy and  leaves six days after Valentine's day for boot camp.
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  • We've never done anything for v-day before due to long distance, so as our first one married and in the same city we're planning to do something. Probably just dessert at home though haha due to busy schedules
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