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My very long intro.

Hey, I'm new to this board but hope to hang out more! Here's my spill: I'm 31 years old, have had weight issues my and I'm so tired of it. In 1999 I lost 85 pounds in 90 days by eating 320 calories a day, gained it back immediately after getting to my goal weight of 170. 

I got up to 309.8, December of 2007 I started Weight Watchers and lost 155 pounds in a year and a half, got to my goal weight of 160, never felt better. I did it much healthier this time though, while I never learned to eat healthy foods, I did eat enough, even if it wasn't very healthy food. I kept the weight off for years and even worked for Weight Watchers.

In June 2011 we found out that we had a possibility to adopt a baby (we weren't looking into adoption at the time, totally random), my H was joining the police academy, and we were moving... all at the same time!  I was so stressed and started eating to deal, and started gaining weight... and didn't stop. I was so stressed and it really did seem to help handle it, then Hadley was born and gosh I was just so happy! And I started staying at home, and that was another huge challenge, I ate Needless to say I gained most of my weight back... I got up to 256.6 and am currently at 240. 

I'm finally trying to tackle my food issues, I have severe food aversions... I have issues. I'm going to see a counselor in January, very excited about it! I want to learn to love food, even the green stuff. I want to learn to love my body and it's fat scars and extra skin, I want to get to the root of why I turn to food always.

AND, I want to learn to love to exercise. Before when I was closer to my goal weight (mainly under 200 pounds) I somewhat enjoyed exercise, but it had to be something that made me think I was going to die. I did the couch to 5k as much as I could, the reason I almost enjoyed it was because I was so focused on not dying the time passed. I also did p90x and enjoyed it, well almost enjoyed it.

Now I'm at 240, and I want to exercise but I'm so out of shape, it's bad! I don't have stamina to stand for long, I mean I have a 1 year old so I'm up and about all day, but if I'm just standing I'm constantly thinking about wanting to sit down again. I do know that in the past when I did exercise I instantly had more stamina.

Does anyone have any suggestions for things to do that might be challenging so I'll actually do it while not being so strenuous... because well, I'm big. If you read all of this, then you my dear just won the internet. :o)  I really really want this, I deserve this, I want to earn this. 

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Re: My very long intro.

  • I just love your siggy pic.  such a cutie!

    I would say to start small with the exercise. lots of cardio is great in the beginning. even if its just 20 minutes 5 times a week.  after i saw a lot of weight loss on myself, then i started weight training twice a week along with cardio 4 times a week. before it felt i was building muscle underneath all the fat so I felt fatter. currently I still lift twice a week and cardio 3 times a week.  I also do ab ripper x 3-4 times a week.  thinking of changing to jillians 6 week 6 pack and maybe add 1 day of yoga in the mix.....i get bored easily and am always changing it up.  this week has been bad since DD has been sick.all.week.  haven't been to the gym at all 

    also take photos of yourself every month for motivation.  I put all mine on Facebook and found out I motivated a couple people.  I went up to a 14 when i was pregnant and am finally back down to my original size - 4 

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  • You are so motivated, that's fantastic!

    I can definitely relate to you regarding the stress eating. When my older brother left for college, I found my comfort in lots of peanut butter sandwiches. :/ I tried everything to lose the weight and eventually found running. Over 3 years, I lost 20% of my body weight and gained a ton of self confidence (I mostly attribute this to my H). I started small, just like the couch to 5k, and kept going from there. Now I run the Disneyland 1/2 marathon every year and thoughts of that shiny medal are enough to keep me training year round. :)

    If I don't run, I do the 30 Day Shred. I like that you can do lower impact versions of the exercises while still following the program. 

    Best of luck to you in this new journey. Be sure to keep us updated and let us know your progress. :)  

  • Talk therapy is a very good idea. It seems like you can continue to do weight loss programs, but there must be an underlying issue that causes you to gain the weight back. This helped me view food completely different. I no longer wanted eat my problems away.  I also wanted to say that I hope you know losing 85 pounds in 30 days by eating almost nothing is not healthy. 
  • I agree with some of the PP

    Hashing out your food issues with a counselor is going to be the key to your success. Once you can use food a fuel, instead of as a coping mechanism, you will become successful longterm.

    Also, make sure that you maintain a consistent, healthy diet. The WW program is awesome because it teachs you how to change your lifestyle positively. You can create a healthy relationship with food when you work through programs like this. Because ultimately no matter what, if you do a "fad" diet, your weightloss will likely be a fad also, for long term, maintainable weight loss, you need to make it a lifestyle change.

    As far as exercise, start small, even if its 10 minutes to start its more than what you would be doing if you were on the couch. Besides, you didn't put the weight on overnight, so dont expect it to come off overnight either.

    Set short-term realistic goals that will help you achieve your overall goal. Good Luck!

  • Check out the book "Intuitive Eating" - it was a lifechanger for me!
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