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Stop Lurking, Start Typing

How is everyone spending their Sunday?  

So far my Sunday has been a breeze.  Woke up late, started laundry, cleaned the kitchen, and now I'm enjoying a cup of coffee.  This afternoon I will be going to a wedding for one of my co-workers.  This is the first winter wedding that I've ever attended!  Should be beautiful.  

After the wedding, I'm going groceries shopping.   Then, I'll deep clean the bathrooms.  I asked DH if he would clean the bathrooms, but he is stubborn and says they are still clean.  If it were up to him, I'm sure he would clean the them every two months.  GROSS!  I need them cleaned once a week, at least every two weeks.  Funny thing is he has his degree in Microbiology... so you would think he is the clean freak!  Nope, germs and cleanliness  don't faze him at all. Do your DHs help a lot when it comes to house hold chores?  

Oh, and I'm also dreading the work week.  As, its the first FULL week back from the holidays.  Might be a long one Sad

Anyway, Happy Sunday!  

Re: Stop Lurking, Start Typing

  • Nice and relaxing so far.  DH and I got to sleep in and have been laying around on the couch (me reading a magazine and watching tv, and H playing on his computer). I need to get up and finish the laundry. We're going to Steak n Shake for lunch- my favorite! And then doing some shopping for new work clothes for me. 

    We really need to clean our bathrooms too. DH does a pretty good job at helping out around the house- not voluntarily but if I ask him to clean something or fix something, he will. He actually loves it when I leave a list of chores for him to do!

    Im not looking forward to the work week either. But I only have to go back 11 more times and then a short break before I start my new job so I'm ready for this new opportunity! 

    Hope you have a good time at the wedding! Is this an outside wedding? Either way, I'm sure it will be beautiful like you said!  

  • My Sunday has been pretty relaxed so far. Hubs works today until 7a tomorrow (he's a firefighter) so I've got the whole day to myself. I've just been watching Friends on TBS, working on clipping coupons and a grocery list. Havent been to grocery since before Christmas so we are in definite need of some fresh fruits and veggies!

    I am most certainly not looking forward to my work week. My dad's two main employees QUIT last week and told me they are starting their own crop insurance agency. Since my dad died two years ago(when I was 21), I've been running the agency and they have completely shut me out preventing me from learning the business and interacting with customers. Now, my brother and I (who is 20  now and still in school) are trying to figure out our next step. Either way we go, we've got lots of legal battles and work ahead of us. Life is a mess and this is definitely not how I envisioned 2013 going for me. Its also putting hubs and I's baby plans on hold, which is really the most upsetting part of this.

    Sorry for the vent. I am just terrified and not sure what the future holds for my brother and me.

  • I slept in LATE this morning. I made up for it by taking my dog for a jog, cleaned the rugs and kitchen, went food shopping. If DH would help me move some boxes I'd be a happy girl with mopped floors, wishful thinking though.

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  • I had to get up kind of early for a meeting at work. I don't even know why I had to go because it didn't even concern me. I suppose they just didn't want to leave me out, but it would have been A-OK if they did! I relaxed the rest of the day, and DH and I are about to go out to eat and go see This is 40 :) 
  • It was an indoor wedding, but it was the fastest wedding I've ever been to! The whole ceremony lasted 7 minutes.  That includes the seating of the grandparents, parents, bridal party (four bridesmaids & four groomsmen), flower girl, and of course the bridal entrance.  It is a young couple, they are expecting their first child in March.  He is in the military and will go on leave at the end of the month.  She planned the wedding, in 3 weeks!  It was still a nice wedding though.  
  • DH and I ran around all afternoon with the kids getting last minute things for our vacation. We're leaving tomorrow night and just plan on heading north. Hoping to see some snow. We got everyone boots, jackets, sweaters, etc. (We live in Fl so we aren't prepared for cold weather, lol.) Now I'm washing everything and packing! DH is detailing and vacuuming our van.

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