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foot pain & running

I seem to have developed some foot pain from this round of training for a half. It's not constant, but is noticeable.  Relatively sharp pain on the top/inside of my right foot, along the metatarsal that runs to my big toe.  It's only occasional, like when I first start my run, when I did some calf raises, and other random times. I've pressed along the entire bone, and there aren't any spots that are painful to push on, at all.

I don't have a primary care doc at the moment, and I'm not quite sure what to do with this.  I'm worried that it will turn into a major problem and keep my from running my (already paid for) dream race with my mom in February.

Anyone else experience this sort of foot pain?  Suggestions or advice on what to do?

Re: foot pain & running

  • I had a similar situation about a month before I ran a half. Sharp pain on the top of the foot, right along the bone, but when you push on it later, it doesn't hurt, right? I went to my doctor (also specializes in sports medicine) and she didn't think it was a stress fracture.

    I researched more online and found suggestions to re-lace the shoe. I skipped that section of the top of my foot- keep the crisscross pattern, but just skip to the next set of holes on the shoe. It worked! No more pain. I suspect that the shoe was pressing on a nerve when I was running, which is why it didn't hurt later. 

    I hope you find a solution! Good luck on your race in Feb. Are you by chance running the Disney Princess? 

  • It doesn't hurt when I push on in later at all, which makes me think it's not a stress fracture or break either.  I'll give the re-lacing a try and see if that helps!

    And yes, it's the Disney Princess Half Big Smile

  • I've never run the Disney Princess, but I've done the Disneyland 1/2 twice. Disney really knows how to host a race. :) Best of luck to you and your mom! 
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