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Help moving to Hawaii

we will be moving to hawaii in several months.  i was wondering if anyone had any tips for moving there and dealing with hawaii's quarantine process...i am kinda lost where to start for it...
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Re: Help moving to Hawaii

  • This should help answer your questions:


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  • Start now. Right now. This second. The whole process can take about 6 months and the longer you wait the more stressful it is going to be for you. 

    Hawaii is rabies free, and therefore requires your pets to be as well. They will need: a rabies shot, another rabies shot 31 days after the first, a rabies titer blood test drawn 21 days after the second rabies shot. The blood has to be sent away and tested in a lab. There is a 120 day waiting period before your pets can enter the state starting the day that the lab receives the blood. If your pet has the correct antibodies (meaning that they wouldn't contract rabies), you're fine. If not, it is a whole other process. Make sure you state that the destination is Hawaii on the paperwork so that the results will be sent directly to the state. If you try to bring your pets into the state before that waiting period is up, they will be quarantined for the remaining time, which is costly, and you will only be able to visit them until the time is up. Additionally, your pets need to be microchipped BEFORE the blood is drawn, and the microchip number is required to identify the blood. 

    The link the PP gave will provide you with details for all of the information. It is really overwhelming, so hopefully this overview will help you. We are in the process with our cats and didn't get to start earlier because we didn't get the job offer to move there until recently, so I'm really not looking forward to possibly being without my babies for three months. =(

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