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Ladies with IUD's

Hey Ladies, just a quick question.  We have no desire to have kids, at least anytime soon, if ever.  I've got a copper IUD (about 2 years now) though I often insist on DH wearing a condom, especially if I'm close to potential ovulation time.  He doesn't mind, and we don't always use one.  Am I just overacting using a second backup for BC (third, if you count rhythm method)?  I know IUD's are about 98%, but I'm terrified I'll beat that 2% since I can be talented like that.  ;)  Just wondering how the rest of you feel about it.  Thanks!!
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Re: Ladies with IUD's

  • I've had the paragard for 4 1/2 yrs and use no backup method of bc. The IUD is just as effective as bcp and other forms of non permanent bc.  Probably more so since your taking away human error.

     I say, to each their own and if double and even tripling up makes you more comfortable go for it. Personally, I think it sounds like over thinking and to much of a pain in the neck (and this coming from someone who never wants kids). 

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  • If second back up makes you feel better, then there's nothing wrong with that.  However, the IUD is designed so that you don't have to use anything.  That's the beauty of it - freedom! 

    You will find stories of women who became pregnant with an IUD, just as you will find women who become pregnant even when taking their bcp regularly.  The chances, though, are quite low - don't over-estimate them.  For 99% accuracy, if you have sex 100 times, only ONCE do you run any sort of risk.

  • I used to have Mirena. I didn't supplement with any other birth control. I think so long as you frequently check to make sure the IUD is in place, there shouldn't be a problem.
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  • Thanks Ladies.  I'm sure I'm being stupid about it.  Was just wondering if anyone else backed up as well, or if others had become preggo while on an IUD.  For whatever reason, when I was on BCP, it just felt more for sure.  Thanks again
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  •  I have an IUD and I got pregnant. I got another IUD...I mean how unlucky can one person be ?? At least that's my thinking. But a back up is a good idea, we really should do that too. 
  • The risk of getting pregnant on Mirena is something like .56%.

     I'll take my chances. ;)

  • I've lost track of how long I've had mine. Paraguard. It's probably been about 5yrs, and I'm due for another. Never had a problem, never used backup, and I love it. I'll take it out within the next couple of years when we start trying.
  • I've had my Mirena for about 3 years and never used backup. 
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  • I have Mirena and H still pulls out but we don't use any other type of BC.  It makes us feel better with him pulling out. It probably isn't necessary though.
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  • I don't have an IUD, but I'll chime in because I'm also super paranoid and I don't ever want to get pregant. We use condoms and I'm on the pill. H is planning to get a vasectomy because he doesn't want to use condoms anymore, but I think I'll stay on the pill. I've read too many horror stories of failed vasectomies and unexpected pregnancies to take any chances. I thought about an IUD, but I was also put off by the insertion process. And I don't want something that stays inside me.
  • If you wait the recommended amount of time after a vasectomy and follow up with the sperm count it is effective and you know you cant get pregnant.
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