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New here, and it still feels wierd!

Hi there ladies, Me and my other half just got married almost 3 weeks ago. We dated for 6 years and have been living together for almost 6 as well. Since i got married.i loved it.but it feels so wierd i keep having to remind myself im married and that i have a new surname and to sign my new signature. Is it just me or is there other newly married ladies out there like that.


My name is claudette, and im 31 and i have 4 year old daughter. My hubbys name is brad.

Re: New here, and it still feels wierd!

  • Yeah, maybe it's because we lived together for a good while beforehand, too, but in my day to day life nothing had changed at all, so it was jarring for a while to have to remember a new name, and to call him my husband rather than my boyfriend.
  • Congratulations! 

    I can't say I felt/feel the same... well, MH and I have been married for over a year now but since immediately after the wedding I've had its sheer magic reminding me that we're married. I didn't change my name so the only novelty was to call him my husband :) As for him, he had been referring to me as his wife for years already. 

    Basically, after almost 15 years together, marriage felt like the most natural of things for us. 

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  • I am so right there with you! My hubby and I have been married for 2 months tomorrow and just this weekend, my parents were visiting from out of town and I had to look at the credit card slip to remember what name to sign!  Every once in awhile one of us looks at the other and says 'we're married!'  We were together 2 years, lived together just over a year before the big day, and in that regard not much has changed. Even calling him my husband is easy, though when people reference 'your husband' it's strange to me haha.  I have yet to cleanly introduce myself with my married name (without tripping over my maiden name first!)
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  • It's been an easy transition for me...mostly due to the fact that I'm not changing my last name.

    It is a little weird to call him my husband and not my boyfriend, but beyond that little glitch we're golden. 


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  • H and I were together 4 years before getting married, and lived together for 2 years prior, so as far as those adjustments go, nothing changed. Well we did buy a home the same month we were married, so we're adjusting to being in a house vs an apartment, but other than that it's all the same.

    I did change my name and I'm honestly surprised that in the 6 months we've been married that I've only accidentally signed my maiden name once. I started practicing how I was going to sign it before we got married.

    I also find it very strange to call him my husband. Still getting used to it. I usually just say my man, unless I am formally introducing him to someone or talking about him to someone who doesn't know him. :)

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  • I was with DH for 4 years and living with him for 3 before we got married and it still took me a solid 2 years to stop automatically writing my maiden name.  Totally normal :)
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  • Very natural. I have been married 2 years now. For the first year I wondered when it would feel natural to write my new name. I hyphenated and added his. Now it feels natural. Not sure when that happened but it took at least a year. Felt strange at first referring to him as husband but comes natural now.

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