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Still haven't received new social security card!

Hello everyone, 

I got married October 6th and officially changed my name on my social security card a couple weeks later.  I went into an office and applied, however a month later I still haven't gotten my new card in the mail.  I am worried that it got stolen or delivered to another address (I live in a large apartment complex).  I know they say 10 business days, but how long did it take to get your new social security cards? 

Re: Still haven't received new social security card!

  • Hmmm... I think I revived it faster then my DL. Any mail I've gotten from government offices have always arrived in the slotted amount of time or close to it. 

    I think waiting a month is worth giving the SS office a call.  

  • Mine took about 6 weeks to come in the mail...but here (Canada) they told me my number wouldn't change, just the name on the card itself so that if I need it in the meantime to just keep the number on file.
  • I would definitely call them if it has been a month. I sent my paperwork to them in the mail (didnt want to drive downtown and stand in line at the social security office) and i received a confirmation from them 1 week later and then the new card came 2 days after that.
  • Mine only took a week after I submitted the paperwork, are you on the East Coast?  There could have been a delay due to the storm, but I'd still call.
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  • I was married the same day and mailed mine in instead of going to the office. I haven't received my new card yet either. I'm on the east coast so maybe Sandy delayed it a bit. It doesn't hurt to give a call and at least get a confirmation.
  • I live in the Midwest, so it shouldn't be influence by Sandy.  I called the national number and the agent told me I need to go back to the office that I filed my name change.  It was confirmed that it was processed which makes me even more worried that it was delivered to the wrong apartment number and my card is floating around out there somewhere.
  • I would call and talk to someone about not getting your card.  I changed my name on a Monday and got my card on Thursday.  It seems strange that it is taking so long.
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  • Mine only took a week (and that was even in the midst of a hurricane we had down here) so I'd definitely give them a call, just to make sure it's not lost or stolen.
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  • I got mine less than a week after I applied for it.
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