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Doggie backpack, how to get her used to it?

I have a large American Bulldog resuce that we want to get used to wearing a little backpack.  The rescue org said b/c she is a working breed it would be great to give her a job to do such as holding stuff while we go hiking, putting her little collapsable water bowl and water bottle in the backpack...

 How do I get her used to it without her freaking out...i tried to switch from a collar to a harness the other day and she did not like it!  do i rest it on her and give her treats and day by day adjust it under her belly while still giving treats?  any thoughts?

Re: Doggie backpack, how to get her used to it?

  • Once you start using it, don't stop... and constant appraisal while she has it on... 

    when you go to take it off, don't do it when she is say, scratching at it, or annoyed by it... end with it being a positive situation... (he leaving it alone, when it is not bothering her).

    Each time you even just go for a walk, put it on her. That way she gets used to it getting put on and walking with it.  And when you get home, is when it comes off.


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  • Thanks- good suggestion...also....9 times out of 10 she does great with walking on the leash staying by my side though sometimes she gets a little stubborn so for the past few days ive been using treats and every so often/couple of blocks when she is staying by my side i give her a little that a good training method to reinforce?  i feel like im bribing her to walk but so far its been working, we go out for a while and she does this a bad idea?
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