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need some motovation!

Okay ladies, i need some help! i have gained close to 20 pounds since my september wedding and would love to lose all of that and then some before we start TTC. have any diets been successful for you ladies? do you have any tips? does anyone want to work together to track acomplishments, it's always easier if i have a "partner" 



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Re: need some motovation!


    I've had success with their program, and they have a great online community to help with motivation. 

  • I wish this board was as "busy" as it used to be, I love using things like this for motivation. Other people working to acheive the same thing and blogging or posting about it.

     Have you thought about trying something like Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred or Ripped in 30? I liked Ripped in 30 the best. Both of those DVD's are only around 10-15.00 and totally worth it. You week 1 and build up. There are exercise modifications if you can't do certain moves quite yet, but as time goes on you build muscle and strength and things get easier... and harder if you know what I mean. I totally recommend them!

     For me personally, my weight loss came down to my diet. Exercise is great, but if you are working out and not feeding your body the right way, its not going to respond as quickly.

    Have you thought about trying Weight Watchers? It's a great program and works for so many people. My aunt has recently lost almost 60 lbs and looks amazing!

     Good luck!!!

  • Hi there! Before my wedding, I joined Weight Watchers and I found that it really helped me - I lost 20 pounds before my wedding in June! Now, I've gained 20 pounds. For me, I have to watch what I am eating, and that's why Weight Watchers really works for me (it helps keep me in check, and keep me accountable!). So I just joined on Sunday, and have already noticed a difference in how I FEEL, physically; I find that just by eating better and exercising a little more, the weight will naturally fall off - however for me personally, I like being able to track my food; I know if I don't do this, I WILL eat whatever, whenever. 


    Hope that helps! :) 

  • If you have a smartphone try It has the option to scan the upc code of the food you eat and enter it into your journal for you. I found (at least with my phone) that myfitnesspal scanner worked better then sparkpeople. But both work on the same concept.

     In regards to what diet works best, the answer is the one that works with your life & you will stick too. It may take a few trys to figure out which one works best for you. I found for my body chemistry, the more fruits & veggies I eat, the better results I get, but low carb makes me sick.

  • is a great resource.  If you can eat more organic, healthy foods, you will feel a lot better, and it will help improve your hair, skin, nails, etc. for your wedding day.
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