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Puppy done growing?

I have a 7 month old puppy that weighed in at 35 lbs when she was 6 months old, and I just weighed her last night and if there was a change in weight it's only 1-2 lbs. We don't know much about her parents, since she was adopted, but we know her mom was German Shepherd, or at least a mix of one. Someone told me on here a while back that she looked like she was mixed with beagle. We thought she may have mixed with lab because she LOVES the water. Do beagles or shepherds love the water also? And do you think she's going to get bigger or is she mostly done growing?

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Re: Puppy done growing?

  • She'll stop growing at 1 yr, but if she is only around 35 lbs now it won't be much more.If she was a larger dog she'd stop growing at 1 1/2.  I have a G.Shep and he loves to go swimming in the creek, but I think if a dog is raised around water it doesn't matter what breed they are.
  • She'll keep growing! Our boxer was about 40 lbs at a year, and by two years she had grown a couple more inches and filled out to her current weight of 60lbs. Your pup will get bigger..but maybe not by much, and she may just fill out more.
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  • My girl did about the same thing, and she's stuck at 35 pounds.Her mom was a large lab mix, and her dad was allegedly a german shepherd. I don't see much of the shepherd in her, but I am very surprised that she's as small as she is considering who her mom is. And she's 11 months old now.
  • Beagles can be used for hunting dogs -- and there are many dogs that love the water. Some don't care abou tit.

    She'll grow a bit more. Beagles are generally smallish dogs, maybe weighing about 20 pounds or so.
  • If she was a rescue dog she may be older then you thought as well, so maybe she is closer to a year when they really slow down their growing.  They continue to grow, usually fill out past a year but it really slows down.  

    In my case we adopted a puppy the rescue told us was 4-5 months.  When I took him to the vet they said he was more like 2 months!  He just hit the year mark (according to the vets estimation of age) and he's still gaining 3 pounds a week!  Though he seems to have topped out in height and is now filling out, he's always been a skinny thing despite the fact that he eats 6 cups of food a day!


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